Sophomore Ryan Chevalier was the top Tiger finisher, crossing the finish line in 3rd place with a time of 16:28

by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland High School is not a stranger to having successful student-athletes, but this year two Tiger teams have been taking the cross country world by storm! Loveland’s Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country Teams proved all their summer workouts paid off in both The Loveland Invitational and Mason Invite finishing both meets in the top 2 with several individual PRs.

The Loveland Invitational, which took place on the morning of August 31st at the Home of the Brave Park, turned out to be another beautiful meet with many great performances by the Tigers! The Boy’s Cross Country Team finished 2nd out of 19 teams with a total of 71 points. Sophomore Ryan Chevalier was the top Tiger finisher, crossing the finish line in 3rd place with a time of 16:28. Senior Kyle Griffin took the 11th place spot finishing with a time of 17:09, Sophomore Sam Neiger finished 12th with a time of 17:13, Senior Alex Ditchen finished 23rd with a 17:34, Junior Ajay Stutz finished in 24th with a time of 17:37, Junior Colin Beran finished with a 17:52 in 31st place and Senior Sam Dippold rounded off the top 7 Tiger finishers with a 17:57 in 38th place. 

The Girls Cross Country Team ran an impressive race at The Loveland Invitational as well finishing in 1st place out of 12 teams with a score of 36 points! Sophomore Emmy Sager finished first for the Tigers running an 18:49 earning her a 3rd place finish. Finishing close behind in 5th place was Sophomore Sarah Madix with a time of 19:37, Junior Ansley Richards in 6th place with a time of 19:44, Junior Ellie Carr in 10th place with a time of 20:02, Senior Nami Cannon in 13th place with a time of 20:26, Sophomore Audrey O’Keefe in 16th place with a time of 20:36 and Freshman Ally Colegate 22nd place with a time of 20:47. Out of the Tigers top 7 finishers, 6 were in the top 15 overall! Below is a video of the start of the Loveland Invitational that was captured by a Tiger fan!

Luckily our very own Loveland Magazine editor, David Miller, captured several photo-finish moments at the Loveland Invitational as well! Check out the meet photo album below! These photos are of the top Seniors out on the course and approaching the finish line.

Continue reading below the photo album for the Mason Invite results

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After the Loveland Invitational, the Tigers Girls and Boys Cross Country Team got some state-wide recognition in the Ohio Division 1 State Cross Country Poll!

On September 7th, the Girls and Boys Cross Country Teams competed again this time at the Mason Invite. Both teams did not disappoint finishing again at the top! The Girls finished in 2nd place out of 32 teams with a total

of 120 points. Although there were 355 girls in the race that did not stop the Tigers from claiming top finishes and some PRs. Sophomore Emmy Sager finished first for the Tigers crossing the finish line in 14th place with a time of 19:10. The next Tiger finisher was Sophomore Sarah Madix who took the 20th spot with a time of 19:24, followed by Junior Ansley Richards in 23rd with a time of 19:40, Junior Ellie Carr in 28th with a time of 19:59, Senior Nami Cannon in 35th with a time of 20:12, Freshman Ally Colegate with a time of 20:37 in 48th place and Sophomore Bella Dillhoff in 73rd place with a time of 20:59. Cannon, Carr, and Madix all ran personal best times and Richards ran a season personal best time!

The Boys Cross Country also made a name for themselves at the Mason Invite finishing 6th out of 33 teams. Out of 409 runners Sophomore Ryan Chevalier finished in 18th with a time of 16:39, followed by Senior Kyle Griffin in 35th with a time of 17:03, Junior Ajay Stutz in 53rd with a 17:19, Freshman Brady Steiner in 65th with a time of 17:33, Senior Alex Ditchen in 67th place with a time of 17:34, Sophomore Sam Neiger in 87th with a 17:48 and Senior Sam Dippold in 127th with a time of 18:09. Parents and Fans of the Tigers Cross Country Teams captured several moments of the Mason Invite. Check out the posts from Twitter below!

The Loveland Girls and Boys Cross Country Teams will be back in action on September 21st at Centerville’s Saturday Night Lights Meet. To catch more Tiger Cross Country news you can check out their Twitter page at or Loveland’s Athletic Twitter page at

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