The community’s collective vision for the student experience at Loveland

by Andrea Conner (Director of Teaching and Learning), Eric Dool (Director of Student Services) and David Knapp (Director of Technology and Innovation).

What skills do children and young people need in today’s rapidly changing, interconnected and diverse world? Over the past school year, the Teaching and Learning team at Loveland City Schools has met with more than 800 students, staff and community members to pose the question of what skills and experiences we want our children to possess as they graduate from Loveland High School. From these meetings, the Portrait of a Tiger has evolved, identifying the collective vision that expresses the community’s aspirations for all our students.

Andrea Conner

We have systematically collected the feedback we received and diligently taken notes as we’ve shadowed our youngest students through their days at school. We’ve spoken to hundreds of elementary, intermediate, middle and high school students about what matters to them and how school can become more relevant in their lives.

The Portrait of a Tiger encourages us to strive beyond the focus on high-stakes testing and grades, and comprehensively look at the skills students need to develop early to be successful in society and the workforce later. It is based on the “Portrait of a Graduate” – a concept developed by 21st century leader in education, Battelle for Kids – and is a first step toward transforming our school system so that it creates an all-embracing experience for students that allows them to develop the competencies that will make them thrive as effective, life-long learners.

David Knapp

The Portrait of a Tiger is a commitment to our students and will serve as a compass for the Loveland City School District, providing strategic direction for everyone involved in the education of our Tigers. It will continue to steer us in the right direction through professional learning for staff, our guaranteed and viable curriculum, and through Innovative Instructional Grants that will be awarded to trailblazing educators who embrace the challenge of change.

Eric Dool

To learn more about the Portrait of a Tiger, feel free to contact the Loveland City School District Teaching and Learning team. Email or phone (513) 683-5600 Phone.

Andrea Conner, Director of Teaching and Learning
Eric Dool, Director of Student Services
David Knapp, Director of Technology and Innovation


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