Welcome to Baker Street Photography and the fine art of Angela Morales who shot these photos last night of the fireworks over Loveland.

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  1. Our awesome little town is being influenced and changed in many positive ways by not only the long time Loveland residents, but the ever expanding, transient population of young families that are making this community a “must live” destination in Ohio. I couldn’t be more impressed with how organized and friendly the Firecracker Festival was, from the on stage entertainment, the food and drink vendors, the parade route, and the wonderful kid’s area set up by New Hope Baptist in Nisbet Park.

    The shuttle running regularly from Shoppers Haven was fantastic and made parking a no-brainer for those who came in from outside Loveland. Add to the fact that this the most “walkable” place I have ever lived, and it’s not hard to see why July 4th was so popular this year.

  2. Great pics of fireworks …. I went down to watch but couldn’t find a place to park.
    Maybe should have parked at Post Office or Grailville? Why do I fear that is going to be
    the next crappy chapter for this little town? Taken over by outside developers, with little or
    no regard for the long time businesses and residents. Aided by those self proclaimed know it alls
    at city hall. Can’t even park in one’s own community. Oh well, it was a wonderful 4th. Hope all remembered that freedom isn’t always free. We sometimes need to fight to maintain it, both at home and abroad. Again, thanks for the great fireworks photos.

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