by David Miller

Loveland Magazine has often touted our river valley as a resort. My neighbor, Chris Springborn opened my eyes to this when he moved next door. When I first met him he said, “Because I wanted to be closer to the river to fly-fish. Loveland is like a resort.”

Robert-montgomery-quoteWhat should have been so obvious, was not. I think because it all seems so familiar most of the time. Yet, it IS for those of us lucky enough to reside here, a retreat. Those of us who both live and work here, a 24-hours a day retreat. Those who call Loveland home and work someplace else, get to come home every night to a resort. There is no other community in the tri-state, where life can be so playful; with parks, nature centers, conservation districts, a 75-mile long biking, walking, and running trail. We have a nationally protected scenic river, running through our HEART where we can swim, fish like Chris, kayak, canoe, or just sit, ponder and write poetry.

Historic Downtown, into the West Loveland Historic District is replete with self-improvement amenities: art studios and art lessons, therapists and counselors to help you grow, thrive, and bloom. Within, are yoga studios, quilter studios and quilting lessons, a music academy, antiques and collectibles, fitness centers, dance and tumbling lessons, pottery turners and lessons, bike buying and rentals, and running shoe shopping,

Or, on the “Scenic” Little Miami, one can take an intermission and capture photos like Robert Montgomery, “…because it calms me down.”

No wonder we have traffic problems and squabbles over so called progress or development, when so many “outsiders” flock here in their own spare time… to enjoy us, to take recess.



“Backroads” by Robert Montgomery


Perhaps no one, has captured our beauty, more beautifully than Loveland High School Senior, Robert Montgomery, through the lens of his cell phone. Robert said about his photo “Backroads”, “I was just bored one day an I just decided to walk down to Old Loveland and take Pictures.”

Robert said about our resort and his photography:

I’m pretty much into nature, fishing, and taking pictures. When I moved to Loveland when I was a little kid, I just fell in love. I just love my hometown its a gorgeous place. And the reason why I like photography is because it calms me down. I just love listening to the nature and what it provides for me.

I really do hope Robert likes to take walks to downtown in the snow and shows us his winter-wonderland.

And, I really, really, do hope that Spring hurries so Robert can take us to the places in his resort when it blooms.

Robert said, “I sure wish that I had a better camera, because I love to take pictures.” Hey Loveland Magazine readers… that sounds like a challenge! Any thoughts about that – send me a Email.

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