Loveland, Ohio – Theatre returns to the Loveland High School stage on Wednesday, April 21, with The Theory of Relativity. The musical runs through Saturday, April 21.

The Theory of Relativity is based on a book by Brian Hill. The music and lyrics by Neil Bartram, are about students in a college physics class who have more personal problems to solve than those in the textbook. The question is, “Why are numbers more reliable than people, or what happens to old friendships as experience changes those people.” How do young people handle the self-realizations presented by being on their own for the first time?

According to a release by the school district, “The musical is funny, poignant, and contemporary as many of us have spent too much time in our heads during this last year. Come join the fun to laugh and see ourselves reflected on stage, and maybe even shed a tear.”

Per COVID protocol, the audience size is limited so it is recommended to buy tickets online. If there are seats still available, tickets will be sold at the door but there is no guarantee that will happen. The school advises.”We advise a PG rating as college students ponder a lot of adult ideas.”

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