From the Loveland School District FaceBook page:


The district is in the process of installing new computer systems at Loveland High School (LHS). Thursday, Oct. 15, during the installation process a software issue inadvertently enacted the alarm and caused the automated police notification system to be activated. The Loveland Police Department – per procedure – responded immediately, and LHS was placed on lock down.

Based on the information we had when this happened, the following message was distributed via district social media, and was posted to the LHS website:

Tiger Family: We want you to be aware that the Loveland Police Department responded to the high school due to an automated alarm. The alarm went off due to a test that was being conducted. It placed the school in lock down for a brief period of time. There is no emergency. All students are safe. Posted Thursday, Oct. 15.

“We understand how upsetting this may have been for many members of our Tiger Family, including our students and parents,” said Loveland Superintendent Chad Hilliker. “We sincerely apologize for any anxiety that this situation caused, and if you have any specific concerns please feel free to contact me.”

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