by Grace Nunn

Loveland, Ohio – On Monday, February 22 the Loveland High School Women’s lacrosse team showed up at Tiger Stadium ready to begin their season. The tryouts were from Monday the 22nd until Wednesday the 23rd. They included a 3.5-mile running test, something different from the usual 100-meter sprinting test called the “Manchesters” that the Women were used to. Also unique to the season were 3 new coaches, Head Coach Andrea Setser, former Loveland graduate Morgan Naber, and Hannah Young. With all these developments and a team that didn’t get to have a 2020 season, I asked the new head coach, her thoughts on the 2021 season and the future of the team. 

How do you feel about the teams this year? Coach Setser mentioned her excitement about being a first-year head coach and enjoying the time getting to know all of the team. She told me that, “the focus has really been on getting the basics right through repetition, developing good habits and routines, and always being willing to learn and get better.” Coach Setser and the team are very excited to be back on the field, especially considering last year’s canceled season. She believes that the JV and Varsity teams have a great opportunity to have amazing seasons, mentioning that, “We have set some really ambitious, yet attainable goals.” 

Speaking of COVID, I asked Coach Setser how the season has been going with restrictions at the games and at practice. “Spectators are currently limited to immediate family members of athletes,” she told me–and it seems to play true for most sports in Ohio. She also told me that COVID has fortunately not impacted the season too much, aside from spectator restrictions. Of course, being outside makes things a lot easier. “The weirdest part is not being able to high-five our teammates after a good play, social distancing on the sidelines, and not shaking hands with our opponents,” said Setser. However, she told me these are all easy adjustments to make if it means the team gets to have a season.

With last year’s season being canceled the current seniors didn’t get to play their junior year, leaving them with one final season. Coach Setser told me about 4 seniors that onlookers should be keeping an eye on, those being Carly Wilhoite (Varsity Midfielder), Josie Storm (Varsity Midfielder), Maggie Nance (Varsity Goalie), and Hanna Wenger (Varsity Midfielder). She told me, “All have been a part of the Loveland lacrosse program for a long time. After losing their junior season all four are itching to get back on the field and will have a tremendous impact on the field.” 

Not only are the Loveland Tigers ready to play lacrosse, but so are other teams. Setser told me that their best competition in the ECC will be the King’s Knights, as it is “always a competitive game for us.” She also told me that the entire league is still tough, any team can win if they want it the most. 

Obviously, the women will be on the field playing, but what can those watching the game expect? I asked Coach Setser this and she told me that you could expect to see “a fast-paced game with a focus on both team offense and team defense.” With the games being 50 minutes there is a lot of time to score goals and she told me, “hopefully you will see lots of goals and assists,” and also, “You can expect our team to be playing hard for all 50 minutes and leaving it all on the field!” 

The women traveled to Columbus to play Upper Arlington on the 27th, after being up there to play Thomas Worthington last Saturday, March 20. They outscored Worthington 17-5.

Upcoming games include Sycamore on March 30th, Mariemont on April 1st, and Lakota West on April 3rd. The Sycamore and Mariemont games are both going to be at Tiger Stadium.

Coach Setser, Coach Naber, and Coach Young are excited and ready for what’s to come. Both JV and Varsity look very promising and they are ready to go. Hopefully, spectator restrictions lift soon so you can see the magic for yourselves and support the Tigers.

Thank you to Coach Andrea for answering all of my questions!

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