by Sam Smith

Loveland, OH- Loveland men’s and women’s lacrosse have found success, both ending in the number 1 spot in the Eastern Cincinnati Conference (ECC). Men’s lax ended the conference season with an undefeated with 5-0 win-loss in the conference and holds a 13-6 record overall. Also undefeated, women’s lacrosse won 5-0 in the conference and hold a record of 15-3 overall.

Loveland takes on Little Miami in their first post-season

This is not the first time the Loveland lacrosse teams have seen success. For the entire history of ECC lacrosse, the Loveland women’s team has held first place. Four out of the five seasons have been undefeated, and the team has only lost one conference match. Only last year was the team first recognized as an official school-sanctioned sport. 

Loveland found continued success at their first regional competition. Loveland women’s lacrosse faced little Miami and men’s LAX faced Oak Hills at home. The women’s team took down Little Miami with an impressive 22-3 and men’s lacrosse walloped Oak Hills 20-4. 

“All of the girls constantly have each other’s backs on and off the field, and we push each other every practice and every game. We are all looking to grow and improve every time we step on the field, and we always leave it all out on the field. Having a dedicated mindset as a team has made the biggest difference,” women’s lacrosse captain, Lindy Walker, told Loveland Magazine in an interview.

Although the Loveland men’s lacrosse team tied with Milford and Kings for the ECC title and came in third overall after a neck-in-neck record last year, they hope to regain the title the team previously held for 4 years.

“Communication and being on the same page is the biggest key for our team. If we all know what we are doing, and we are working together– both on the offensive end and defensive end– we will be a very hard team to beat[…] Teams are getting better every year, but if we play our game we have what it takes,” Loveland men’s LAX player, Samuel Wenger claimed.

Loveland men’s lacrosse program achieved their 100th win on April 18th when they defeated Lakota West 13-0. The team took the 2018 ECC title and will continue into the post-season. The team will face increasingly high-ranked team as the tournament season evolves.

Loveland lacrosse has even produced world-class lacrosse players. Midfielder and 2015 Loveland Graduate Jonathan Quigley will be competing for team Sweden in the World Lacrosse Championship in Netanya, Israel in July. The championship is the largest world’s lacrosse competition, hosting 48 countries.

Loveland women’s lacrosse defeats Little Miami 22-3. The men’s team later took down Oak Hils 20-4.

The Loveland lacrosse teams will continue to fight into regionals. The teams have shown their strength and come out on top again and again. Although Loveland has never competed at the state level for lacrosse, it appears this season could have the potential to set a precedent.

Lacrosse Schdeule  
 Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Mercy     postseason 5:30PM Men

7:00PM Women 

 Friday, May 18, 2018
Walnut Hills     postseason 5:00 PM  Women

7:30PM Men

 Saturday, May 19, 2018
Lakota East    postseason 11:00 AM  Men  Loveland

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