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by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – The COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating for many people around the world. Those who own or are employed by small businesses have been some of the individuals that have been hit the hardest by this crisis. Both The City of Loveland and The Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (LMRCA) recognized that these businesses and their employees needed assistance so they came together and created a game plan. Saturday, President of LMRCA Cee-Cee Collins released a statement announcing that the Loveland Legacy Foundation would be assisting area businesses affected by closing and lay-offs due to the COVID-19 virus restrictions. This, of course, is another prime example of what the “Sweetheart of Ohio” is all about! Below is a statement from President Cee-Cee Collins on just what the Loveland Legacy Foundation will be doing for Loveland’s local businesses and employees.

“Many businesses in the Loveland, Ohio area have had to either close their doors at this time or lay off several employees in order to stay open. Many continue to fight to stay open to serve us.

The Loveland Legacy Foundation whose main purpose is to improve the Loveland community plan to offer assistance to area businesses.  President, Steve Max, shared, “this type of crisis is what our organization was created for! We want to help our smaller businesses survive this crisis and come back strong when it passes.”

We are asking the community at large to give where they are able. Gift cards are being accepted to help unemployed workers bridge the gap. Consider a gift card from an area business or store where they can obtain the resources they may be lacking. Here is a list that shows area businesses that are selling gift cards and their hours:

Gift cards can be dropped off to Alley Boutique located in Historic Downtown Loveland, Ohio: 210 West Loveland, Ohio. (drop cards in the secure mailbox next to the flagpole), or to the Little Miami River Chamber of Commerce: 425 West Loveland Avenue mailbox.

Loveland Legacy Foundation is also asking for monetary donations to help both business owners who may help with rent or supplies to stay open. Please make donations directly to Loveland Legacy Foundation;

Loveland area businesses need us all at this time. They are the fabric of our community and have always been generous to all of us, it’s time for US to give to them.  Thank you!”

If you would like to learn more about Loveland’s local businesses and how you can help visit LMRCA’s website at or feel free to email President CeeCee Collins at [email protected].

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