One of the doses of Narcan Spray Loveland Magazine received free through the mail.

Removing the Stigma

Loveland, Ohio – Overdoses can happen in a moment and we know having Narcan (Naloxone) handy can save a life.

Loveland Magazine will now be carrying Narcan in the “Company Car” as well as having it stocked at our office.

Get Free NARCAN (Naloxone)

If you are in Ohio, you can get Narcan for yourself, someone you know, or your organization. Help save lives!

Using this LINK, Loveland Magazine received a two-pack box of Narcan Nasal Spray. It only took a few clicks, a few days, and it was totally FREE.

What Is Naloxone?

Naloxone is a medication that can reverse an overdose caused by an opioid drug (heroin, illegal fentanyl, or prescription pain medications). When administered during an overdose, naloxone blocks the effects of opioids on the brain and quickly restores breathing. Naloxone is marked under various trademarks, including NARCAN®

Naloxone has been used safely by emergency medical professionals for more than 40 years and has only one important function: to stop overdose death by reversing the effects of opioids. Naloxone is a safe, non-controlled drug and has no potential for abuse.

If naloxone is given to a person who is not going through an opioid overdose, it is harmless. If naloxone is given to a person who is dependent on opioids, it will cause withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal, although uncomfortable, is not life-threatening.

This video shows how to give naloxone nasal spray (brand name Narcan®) in an opioid overdose situation.

Also, learn how to administer naloxone by watching this video from the Ohio Department of Health.


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