When children go back to school, it’s time for YOU!

by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland Magazine readers, are you ready to get your sweat on? Well now is your chance to join me in my first ever Kickboxing 101 video where you will learn how to Jab, Uppercut, and Kick your way into a fantastic workout routine!

Since becoming a certified Kickboxing instructor, I have wanted to produce inspirational, instructional workout videos for Loveland Magazine readers so that they could have the opportunity to get in a great workout from their very own homes. During the “Road to Health and Wellness” Expo on Saturday, July 30 in Downtown Loveland’s Nisbet Park, I was asked to perform a fitness class for those who wanted to enjoy a free workout at the Expo. Of course, I chose to do a Kickboxing class and while preparing for the class, I thought, “Well this would be the perfect time to film my first workout video for Loveland Magazine readers!” David Miller grabbed his iPhone and we immediately began filming, Kickboxing 101!

In Kickboxing 101, you will learn the basic boxing and kickboxing exercises so that you can learn the proper technique of each move before moving into “combination” moves. The Loveland Magazine TV workout videos are split into 5 parts as I demonstrate each exercise at a slow pace and then move into a faster pace.

Although the Kickboxing video routine is only 15 minutes total (tune in to the 6th video to go straight through the workout with no break), this workout can also be extended to an intense 30-minute workout that will leave you drenched in sweat! I incorporate 1 to 2 Kickboxing workouts into my weekly exercise regimen as it is not only great for your cardiovascular but also works on muscles that are often hard to get to with just traditional weight lifting.

Below is my Kickboxing 101 30-minute workout routine! Once you get the hang of the moves used in the workout feel free to write this workout down and perform it at any time and any place. You will need a timer for this workout. Boxing gloves are optional although incorporating them into this workout adds another level of intensity to the routine!

Perform each move for 30 seconds twice on each side

  1. Boxer Shuffle with Arm Circles
  2. Jab
  3. Cross
  4. Jab, Cross
  5. Hook
  6. Uppercut
  7. Hook, Uppercut
  8. Elbow
  9. Knee
  10. Elbow, Knee
  11. Rear Elbow
  12. Front Kick
  13. Rear Elbow, Front Kick
  14. Duck
  15. Duck, Jab, Cross

Are ready to box your way into a workout that combines cardio, muscle toning, balance, and self-defense? Click Part 1 of my Kickboxing 101 workout to begin instructional demonstrations on the technique of each move. Once you feel comfortable and have watched Parts 1-5, tune into video 6 to watch the entire workout all the way through. 

Don’t forget to “Subscribe”, “Follow”, and “Like” Loveland Magazine TV on YouTube! We have a large collection of videos we have produced that you can enjoy on your big screen at home and at work or at the gym on your phone! You can simply tell Alexa, “Find Loveland Magazine TV” and she will take you straight to our YouTube channel to watch any of our on-demand videos. If you are better friends with Siri simply say, “Play Kickboxing 101 with Cassie Mattia!”

Want more workout videos? Stay tuned for more exercise routines coming in the near future!

Columnist and Co-Owner of Loveland Magazine, Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland and the Public Relations Coordinator at the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Cassie was awarded the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance 2021 Young Business Professional of the Year. Cassie is very active in the Loveland community and will often be seen helping plan and volunteering at the Little Miami Chamber Alliance and City of Loveland events. Cassie also enjoys supporting the local restaurants and businesses in Loveland as well as making guest barista appearances at Mile42 Coffee. To see what Cassie is up to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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