Columbus, Ohio – Catie Rudisell, a science teacher at Loveland Middle School (LMS), has earned an award by the Ohio Middle Level Association (OMLA) in recognition of her outstanding qualities and her commitment and contributions to middle level education. Rudisell was one of four award recipients from the Southwest Region recognized at the 2019 OMLA State Conference in Columbus, November 7-8.

Catie Rudisell, a science teacher at Loveland Middle School, was recognized with the Regional Award at the annual OMLA State Conference in Columbus on November 7 (Photo credit: Dustan Muir)

“Ms. Rudisell is what I refer to as a ‘game changer,’ in and outside the classroom,” said LMS Principal Charles Ogdan. “She is a professional, transformational teacher and a leader by example. She initiated the process of standards based grading about five years ago, and led the entire middle school science department through the process, resulting in truly engaging students with the goal of content mastery.”

In 2018, LMS earned the prestigious Student and Staff Recognition Award by the OMLA for its culture creation practices. Students and staff continue to be recognized weekly based on four core values: Grit (hard work), Rise (improvement), Innovation (creativity) and Leadership (distinguished leadership). Students also have the opportunity to win a seat at the monthly Principal’s Lunch based on their display of the same core values, and to earn prizes for perfect attendance.

“We have amazing students and a top-notch staff at LMS,” said Ogdan. “My vision for our school is one where all students and staff have an ever-present ‘growth mindset.’ Ms. Rudisell, who always thinks of new and innovative ways to engage her students and extend their learning, is the perfect example of that.”

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