The crowd waiting for 4th of July fireworks that will soon be bursting in the air over Historic Downtown Loveland.

Upon move in day one can feel so many emotions, anxiety, excitement and uncertainty to name a few. The day I moved to Downtown Loveland I felt all those emotions and much more. Would I like living in the “Historic District,” where the theme of the town was to “Live, Laugh and Love?” Would I fit into such a close knit community? Would I be able to become more of an “outdoors women” with all the parks, lakes and bike trails at my fingertips? To my pleasant surprise Downtown Loveland’s small town vibe with a big city feel was exactly what I needed!

When people unfamiliar with Loveland ask me to describe what it’s like to live Downtown I simply explain to them that Downtown Loveland to me is like an historic adventure with a modern twist. 

My pup Nala on the balcony – taking in Historic Downtown.

The historic Loveland adventure began with Colonel Thomas Paxton founding the small town in 1795. A number of years after in 1848 Paxton’s cousin, William Ramsey bought all 189 acres of the small town for a mere $7,300 and named it after the infamous James Loveland. In the present day Downtown Loveland has a number of ways they share and display their deep historic roots with the community, one being the Loveland Museum. Loveland’s community also pays tribute to several acts of American Heroism with beautiful memorials such as the Firefighters’ Memorial and the Veterans’ Memorial.

Along the “Loveland Bike Trail” that runs parallel to the Little Miami River and through Historic Downtown Loveland. The Little Miami is designated a State and National “Scenic” river.

One of most sought after historical landmarks that locals and out of towners come to enjoy is the Little Miami Bike Trail, established in 1984. The scenic trail goes on for 78 miles spanning across 5 counties while the Little Miami River goes on for 111 miles. Many Loveland locals and guests partake in activities such as canoeing, kayaking and bike riding, in which local businesses such as Loveland Canoe and Kayak and Loveland Bike Rental make it easy to rent out canoes, kayaks and bikes. If you’re not necessarily the type that enjoys biking or canoeing the Little Miami River offers its own little slice of paradise right off the bike trail where adults, children, and pets can cool off in the river or get a tan on the sandy banks. 

The narrow path off the Loveland Bike Trail that leads to the 5-barrel brewhouse and taproom of Narrow Path Brewing Co.

Also located on the bike trail is Nisbet Park where children can enjoy the playground and families can host picnics or special events under the large shelters, an amphitheater where local bands get the opportunity to celebrate their talents, and several unbelievable restaurants all sporting that “modern twist.” Though I have made it my mission to try all the local cuisine in Downtown Loveland some of my modern must tries are Fresh Press, Narrow Path Brewing Company, and Trailside Smokehouse while some of my historic Loveland go to’s are Bella’s, Paxton’s Grill, and The Works. For those like me that have a bit of a sweet tooth after eating dinner some must visit dessert spots are the Loveland Dairy Whip, Graeter’s, and Loveland Sweets.

One of my historic Loveland go to’s is Bella’s.

Downtown Loveland has erupted over the past several years bringing the local resident count to nearly 13,000. New local business openings and restaurants as well as historic hot spots have really made an impact on the community making Downtown Loveland not only the place to be but also the place to live. Being that I am a new resident I have explored the ins and outs of Downtown Loveland’s shopping, restaurants, events and art culture. Some great annual events that take place in Downtown Loveland are the Farmer’s Market, The Independence Day Celebration, and

Christmas in Loveland. A few of the most culturally sound venues I recommend  is the Loveland Stage Company, an award winning community theater, and Whistle Stop Clay Works, where local artist Bonnie McNett held a “Pottery

A glass of Bella’s wine.

Affaire” last month. Of course one of several perks of living in Downtown Loveland is the shopping. There are several local unique shopping spots that are definitely worth seeing such as The Copper Pearl, Old is New Antiques, JackRabbit, Bond Furniture, and Plaid Room Records.

After nearly 6 months of living in Downtown Loveland I can honestly say that the anxiety and uncertainty I once felt no longer exists. As I look out into the beautiful city every night from my balcony I truly realize that Loveland  is a hidden gem.

Cassie Mattia is a resident of Loveland, Ohio’s Downtown Historic District

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