Both say incident was isolated event

Loveland, Ohio – “The safety and security of our students and staff are of paramount importance to the Loveland City School District,” reads an announcement on the Loveland school web site. “We want to make you aware that the Loveland Police Department contacted the district to alert administrators about an investigation that took place this week after school hours very close to a school bus stop.”

Police chief Tim Sabransky said this morning, “Channel 9 reported Wednesday night about a kidnapping-abduction that occurred in Loveland on Tuesday afternoon near 1080 Loveland Madeira Road. Unfortunately, I believe that their report has created undue fear and anxiety in our community.”

[quote_right]”Unfortunately, I believe that their report has created undue fear and anxiety in our community.”[/quote_right]

“According to investigators, the situation involved a teenage student who was approached as she walked home from the bus stop and was coerced into a vehicle, but not harmed. Upon further investigation, the Loveland Police Department has indicated that this was an isolated incident between two people who knew each other,” according to the District. “Investigators assure us that the person arrested posed no danger to any other students.”

At approximately 4:40 PM Tuesday afternoon, a 16 year-old female was approached by a 27 year-old male as she walked home from her bus stop. He grabbed her by the arm and forced her into his vehicle. The teenager was able to escape.

Sabransky said, “This is a serious incident and we are deeply concerned for the welfare of our 16 year-old victim. She was very brave and extremely helpful to officers throughout the investigation. She did all the right things.”

The Loveland Chief also said that he wanted to emphasize that at no time were other residents or children in danger. The suspect, “…Specifically targeted this young girl. He did not randomly select her for this awful crime,” said Sabransky.

Loveland officers determined that the arrested man lived in Milford because they were aware of a previous assault on the victim. They contacted Milford Police to assist and they located him and detained him until Loveland officers could respond and take him into custody and to the Hamilton County Justice Center where he was charged with kidnapping and aggravated menacing.

“Unfortunately the story that was broadcast did not give the full details of the incident. Had Channel 9 talked to me I could have given the above information to help reduce any unnecessary fear or anxiety this story created. Loveland is a safe community and this was an isolated incident that was quickly, thoroughly and professionally investigated and resulted in the arrest and incarceration of a dangerous person,” said Sabransky. “We have also been in constant contact with Loveland City Schools administrators regarding this incident. The safety of our residents and our students is of paramount concern to us.”

$100,000 bond has been set and the suspect remains in the Hamilton County Justice Center.



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