The Girl Inside: Silent No More

lindsey-eLoveland, Oh. – With the increase of interest on the topic of mental illness within our community, Loveland resident, Lindsay Ensor decided to step out and share her journey.

Ensor said, “It is my desire and what I feel to be my life’s purpose to spread awareness of and advocate for those suffering with mental illness, eating disorders and suicidal ideation. Ensor  says that unfortunately, she understands all of them all too well. After having spent over 150 days in both in-patient and residential treatment settings since 2011. “I have grown and learned so much that I want to reduce the stigma that goes along with these disorders. I have survived a lifetime of Bipolar II disorder, Bulimia, Anxiety, Addiction and multiple suicide attempts.”

Ensor describes herself as a survivor and wants to help people better understand mental illnesses and lead them in the direction towards healing so that they, too, can be survivors. She said, “I want them to know that they are not alone.”girl-inside-cover823005493469_n

Life experiences coupled with her education in psychology and counseling, have given her the knowledge, desire, and passion to advocate for mental health awareness. It has also enabled her to help educate people on many mental health disorders. “My passion is in my work – devoting my life to lessening the stigma surrounding mental illness and speaking to share my story, in hopes of not only educating, but also providing inspiration for others to seek professional help.”

This passion is what led Ensor to write a memoir about her intimate struggles with mental illness and her recovery. The book titled The Girl Inside: Silent No More is a short read that tells Ensor’s life story and also incorporates important information about specific disorders as well as a help guide.

You can find Ensor’s book on Amazon or at Ensor is also a blogger and speaker on the topics of mental illness, sharing her story of hope, eating disorders and suicide prevention.

Ensor is available for speaking engagements for all ages and would welcome you to check out her website at





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