1393593657879On Sunday, May 17, 2009, 15 year-old Cole Schlesner was pitching at a baseball field in Loveland and was struck in the head by a line drive hit from an aluminum bat. He was air-lifted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and immediately had surgery to relieve the increased pressure from his skull. Cole spent forty-seven days in the hospital after hisĀ traumatic brain injury

Cole attended his Freshman year at Loveland High School that Fall, however it was a long, slow progression to health and graduation in 2013. Cole has now completed his second year atĀ University of Cincinnati Clermont College.

Cole recently said on his Facebook page, “Clayton Kershaw is just another example of why there needs to be protection for pitchers in baseball. I don’t want anyone to ever go through what I’ve gone through. I just don’t get what’s so bad about wearing a helmet or something protective that could save your life….”

Because of Cole’s injuries, a movement started here in Loveland, joining a nation-wide movementĀ to get protective helmets on infielders playing little league and high school baseball and concern overĀ high-performing, aluminum and compositeĀ bats. TheĀ nonprofitĀ donated more than 1,000 batting helmets for pitchers to wear in youth leagues across four states.

Cole returned to play baseballĀ his Freshman year atĀ Cincinnati Clermont.

The video below is Cole and his mother, Wendy speaking to Good Morning America.

Scary MLB Moment Raises Concern for Little League Sluggers

Some are pushing to make more helmets available on Little League pitching mounds.


Below is a video that WKRC TV produced in 2012

Teen Nearly Killed During A Game Is Ready To Play Again –Ā Cole Schlesner shares his story






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