Loveland, Ohio – City Manager Dave Kennedy has reported, “With the rising COVID-19 cases around the tri-state, LPD is migrating back to remote working and restricted responses to non-emergency calls.”

All of Loveland is currently in RED – Level 3 the Ohio Public Health Advisory System which is defined as “very high exposure and spread”.

Chief of Police Sean Rahe explained the procedure to Loveland Magazine:

On July 17th the Loveland Police Department developed a tiered response plan to coincide with the directions provided by the Ohio Department of Health. These new directions were commonly referred to as the county color chart.

Several LPD procedures, including response to calls, follow this chart. When two of our 3 counties (Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren) are red LPD is at Tier 2 – Red. Tier 2 includes the following procedures:

Officers will always continue to respond to priority 1 calls for service and crimes in progress. However, information requests, reports, and non-criminal service calls are handled remotely, if possible. Officers will not respond to medical calls unless requested by emergency medical responders. And non-essential proactive activity is discouraged. 


New health data compiled by the Ohio Department of Health and reported yesterday found that all 88 counties in Ohio remain at “high incidence” as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

According to Thursday’s updated Ohio Public Health Advisory System map, 68 counties are currently rated as having a very high risk of exposure and spread (Red Level 3), up from 56 counties last week. This represents the highest number of Red Level 3 counties since the launch of the advisory system in July. 

Both Franklin and Tuscarawas counties met six of seven advisory-system indicators and are approaching Purple Level 4. 

Ohio also had another record-breaking day for new cases reported in a 24-hour period, with 7,101 cases reported between Wednesday and Thursday.

A total of 268 new hospitalizations were reported, as well as 35 more deaths.

To date there have been 5,700 deaths attributed to COVID 19 in Ohio.

Clermont County is currently experiencing 52.6 daily new cases per 100K population.

Hamilton County is currently experiencing 47.1 daily new cases per 100K population.

Warren County is currently experiencing 47.2 daily new cases per 100K population.

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