I was standing in front of the mirror, my walnut brown hair fell in soft delicate waves across my back, my almond eyes framed by purple colors and black eyeliner, my lips were full and lined in a subtle rose gold shade. I took a deep breath and pulled the dress out the bag and blindly shoved it on. I opened my eyes. The dress was a gorgeous plum purple. It was floor length with a slight train in the back, the sleeves were lace and the back was open. It hugged my curves and accentuated my jade green eyes. I looked exotic. The mask was in the bag and it was a simple cat eyed mask with purple felt. I put it on and went out the door. I felt ready to conquer anything. I am Iryna Montoya Reyes and I am going to tell Sebastian Duke Anderson that I love him tonight. Even if its the last thing I do.

I walked into the loft where the dance was being held. I looked around for Sebastian, immediately finding his crystal blue eyes in the crowd. His short wavy brown hair framing his mask. I had a plan, I was a woman with a mission. I walked over to the DJ slipping him $40 to disregard the no requests rule and play a song for me. Pretty soon All my Life by K-Ci and JoJo started playing, I made my way over to Sebastian. This song conveyed everything I felt, it gave me the hope I needed to complete my task. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around.

“Iryna??” He looked starstruck “Is that really you?”

I smiled in response, grabbing his hand and dragging him to the middle of the dance floor. I put my arms around him and soon his hands were tight around my waist. We fit together like the final two pieces of a puzzle. We swayed back and forth to the song. The lyrics wrapping around us like a blanket. I looked up into his eyes. The words I wanted to say got stuck in my throat, refusing to come out when he looked back at me. So I did the next best thing, I sang along to the song.

“You’re all that I ever have known, when you smile on your face all I see is a glow. You picked me up when I was down and I hope that you feel the same way too. Yes I pray that you do love me too” I took a breath “I love you, Sebastian”

I looked away, afraid of what he would say. I felt his hand lift my face to his.

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to tell you. I guess you beat me to it.” He smiled at me and I felt my heart skip a beat “I love you too, Iryna.”

Suddenly, he’s kissing me with an urgent need I’ve never known before and I was happy.

Evette Fernandez is a student at Kings High School in Ohio



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