by Sam Smith

Loveland, Ohio – On the evening of Tuesday, January 23rd, local volunteer and business owner Kay Bolin was announced as the 2018 Loveland Valentine Lady. Bolin will fill the community-centric roles of Valentine Lady by visiting classrooms, churches and retirement homes and spreading a message of love and kindness. In a Loveland first, she was escorted by local restaurant manager, Cory Partin.

Kay Bolin O’Grady and Cory Partin speak to a class of first graders

“As of Friday, February 9th, Cory and I have visited 4 schools, 56 classes and approximately 1100 students. I spend 15 – 20 minutes in each class and my focus is sharing a story about love and kindness.”

The Valentine Lady program started in 1971, and began the tradition of Loveland postcards with the phrase “There is nothing in this world so sweet as love” which is still used today. That year the first “Valentine Lady” volunteered to handle the postcards, and the position has stuck. Each year, a new Valentine Lady is chosen for their community presence and volunteerism to continue the tradition. This year, the position has been passed along to Kay Bolin.

Kay Bolin presents a story about love and kindness

Watch Bolin’s induction as the 2018 Valentine Lady here:

Kay Bolin-O’Grady is the 2018 Loveland Valentine Lady

Kay Bolin has been the director of marketing and sales at Whistle Stop Clayworks in downtown Loveland since 2009. The 2018 Valentine Lady opened the ceramics teaching studio and gallery with her husband, Tim O’Grady after purchasing an abandoned petroleum distribution business building in Historic Loveland.

Bolin is active with the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance Board Of Directors and a frequent participant at chamber events. She also contributes her time to Loveland Stage Company. Past roles have included the Greater Loveland Historical Society Museum, Loveland Beautification and the Loveland Arts Council (of which Bolin was president for several years). Bolin as awarded the Community Involvement Award by the Chamber of Commerce in 2015.

In a Loveland first, Bolin was escorted by the manager of Tano Bistro & Catering, Cory Partin. “I would like to mention though that this year is the first year the program has a Valentine Lady Escort, Cory Partin is the 2018 Valentine Lady Escort and I am thrilled to have him by my side. We are having a blast and it is so awesome for us to share love and kindness in a community we both love so much,” Bolin claimed.

Kay Bolin poses with Loveland Elementary students. Bolin O’Grady has already spoken to hundreds of students.

Q&A With Kay Bolin:

Loveland Magazine: How long have you been in Loveland?  What brought you here? 

Kay Bolin: I moved to Loveland in 1992 when my job at the time transferred me here from Atlanta.   

LM: What was the process that led you to become the 2018 Valentine Lady? How were you nominated? 

KB: I was nominated by two dear friends. The process is all letters of nominations, which are due to the LMRCA in early November. They are then reviewed by the Valentine Program Committee which is made up of a representative from the school district, local business, and all previous Valentine Ladies. They vote on who they feel have distinguished themselves by their commitment and involvement in our community. It’s quite an honor to be nominated much less chosen. It was humbling.

LM: For anyone interested in being the 2019 Valentine Lady … what advice would you give?

KB: That’s a little difficult for me to answer as I didn’t plan on being a Valentine Lady– I just love our community and loved being involved… I think that is probably the common thread between most of the Valentines Ladies. And if you are fortunate enough to be chosen, have fun with it and keep in mind the theme of the Valentine Program: There is nothing in this world so sweet as love

LM: Do you think a community can love?

KB:  Yes, I do. I think that Loveland is a very loving community.

LM: What roles does a Loveland valentine lady hold. What have/will you do?

KB: My first schedule is going to various schools (pre-school through 3rd grade) from February 1 – 14. As of Friday, February 9th, Cory and I have visited 4 schools, 56 classes, and approximately 1,100 students. I spend 15 – 20 minutes in each class and my focus is sharing a story about love and kindness. I tell the children a story. Many end up teary-eyed, others confused. But most understand the message.
Another fun role is going to Loveland Health Care and crowning the Valentine King and Queen and visiting the Lodge Retirement Community for cookie decorating. But I am available to all area businesses, schools and nursing homes… just wherever I can share some love and kindness.

Loveland first graders decorate Valentines.

A Loveland first grader’s card along with the Loveland 2018 Valentine stamp
Cory Partin and Kay Bolin O’Grady tell a story to a class of elementary school students. The 2018 Valentine Lady plans to retell the story at the The Little Miami River Chamber Alliance Valentine breakfast.

The Little Miami River Chamber Alliance Valentine Breakfast was on February 9 at the Oasis Conference Center at 8 AM. At the breakfast, it was announced that Kay Bolin is the 2018 Loveland Valentine Lady, following in the footsteps of Carol Williams. Poetry contest winners read their poems with past Valentine ladies in attendance.  

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  1. Thank you so much Sam Smith for an awesome article and videos. It was a pleasure meeting you and spending time with you for the interview.

    Dave Miller what a great surprise to see you during one of our first school presentations! I love the last video where you captured the children with the stamping and their valentines – adorable!

    I personally as well as professionally appreciate what you both do with Loveland Magazine.
    Thank you!
    K Bolin

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