by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – The photography of Sohani Gauniyal caught my eye at the Whistle Stop Pottery Affaire in Historic Downtown Loveland on September 3.

Sohani is a sophomore at Loveland Highschool. She said, “I first got into photography a couple of years ago, and ever since then I’ll go out in my backyard from time to time and take pictures of plants and the like.” She also says she also enjoys writing and rock climbing.

I later contacted Sohani and asked her if we could share the photos in Loveland Magazine. I told her that if the photo of the chess match was blown up to about 5 feet tall and mounted from the floor up, people would start to walk right into the room because the chess board looked so much like a tiled floor. She said, “The chess picture features my dad, and a chess set I got when my mom visited her family in India. What’s funny is that we set up the board so the move would be legal if you studied it, but due to the angle the black knight is coming from, it looks like an illegal move.”

“The coral is from my dad’s fish tank. I got a picture of it by putting my lens directly up against the glass of the tank. Thankfully, the color came out all right. Generally, the dark blue light we use to simulate “night” in the tank messes with my camera, but here it made the coral glow a nice neon color.”

Sohani accepts commissioned work and can be contacted at: [email protected]

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