—Cincinnati Artisan Group member helps introduce Hollywood celebrities to the best of the handcrafted movement—


Heidi Vitchner hand-crafted 21 of these necklaces in hope that one day a celebrity wearing one will provide publicity for her jewelry line. “la bella vita” translates to beautiful life.


Milford, Ohio — Milford area resident and local jewelry artist, Heidi Vitchner, is a member of the Artisan Group®, a premier entertainment marketing organization focused on representing small business artisans at Hollywood celebrity events as well as getting artisan products into the hands of television [quote_left]This is one of several avenues I’ve chosen to help support my business and generate greater awareness for my jewelry design[/quote_left]sand movie stylists. Vitchner created and donated 21 handcrafted necklaces for the Artisan Group’s annual Mother’s Day Celebrity Gifting program presented the first week of May. The hope is that Vitchner’s jewelry will be worn in professional appearances, and that the celebrities will help stimulate interest by recognizing the artist through photo opportunities and social media.

The Artisan Group collects items from its member artists and presents them to celebrities, industry leaders, VIPs, and members of the press through participation in celebrity gift lounges such as those honoring MTV Movie Awards, Golden Globes, Primetime Emmys and other events. This collaborative marketing approach gives artists a low-investment opportunity to create a celebrity connection for their products.

“I joined the Artisan Group as a way to promote my jewelry business, Bella Rose Jewelry Design, and to represent the Cincinnati-area handcrafted movement” comments Vitchner. “While I view my jewelry process as an artistic endeavor, it’s also a business. As with any viable business, it’s the owner’s responsibility to create product visibility. This is one of several avenues I’ve chosen to help support my business and generate greater awareness for my jewelry designs.”

The Artisan Group requires each participating artist to create a specific number of the same, or nearly identical, items for each event. As Vitchner creates each piece of jewelry individually by hand, her items are nearly the same but vary slightly.

With the 2016 Mother’s Day Gifting Program, Vitchner’s necklace design is titled la bella vita, which translates to beautiful life. To create each necklace, the artist draws a floral design on a piece of sheet metal, etches it, and cuts the metal into individual bars. She then hand stamps and blackens the words, la bella vita, into each bar and polishes the plates. Gemstones are selected for versatility and beauty, and Vitchner paints the back of each title plate to pick up the subtle colors in the stones. The hearts are drawn, cut, forged and hammered for texture; and clasps are hand forged from wire. A clear acrylic finish is applied for protection. Once all elements are completed, the final necklace is assembled.

[quote_right]I spent approximately four hours creating each la bella vita necklace[/quote_right]“I spent approximately four hours creating each la bella vita necklace,” comments Vitchner. “My goal was to design and fashion a sophisticated necklace that also triggers an emotion – a piece that someone will want to wear, gift, or hand down to a daughter or other loved one.”

This year’s Artisan Group Mother’s Day Celebrity Gifting included 56 national and international artists contributing handcrafted items collectively valued at over $2,200 for each of the 21 gift bags. The following celebrities were featured:  Alexis Bledel, Jessica Capshaw, Kristin Cavallari, Brooklyn Decker, Jessie James Decker, Ginnifer Goodwin, Allison Holker, Candice King, Lisa Ling, Lucy Liu, Catherine Guidici Lowe, Jena Malone, Kellie Martin, Leighton Meester, Alanis Morissette, Audrina Patridge, Keri Russell, Chrissy Teigen, Liv Tyler, Kym Whitley and Ashley Williams.

For more information on Bella Rose Jewelry Design, visit www.bellarosejewelrydesign.com.




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