Loveland Magazine is one of the 400 news outlets worldwide, with a combined audience of over 2 billion people “Covering Climate Now”, a global journalism initiative committed to bringing more and better coverage to the defining story of our time.
The initiative, was co-founded by The Nation and Columbia Journalism Review

Mihaela Manova is “Covering Climate Now” in Loveland, Ohio as an editor for Loveland Magazine 


The podcast also features Kendra Pierre-Louis, a former New York Times climate reporter, and Rachel Waldholz, a reporter focused on climate change, as well as interviews with prominent scientific experts like Mary Anne Hitt, Dr. Kate Marvel, Bren Smith and Colette Pichon Battle.

As evidenced by the trailer, How to Save a Planet tackles the key climate change question, “How screwed are we?” “We can choose to be completely screwed if we want to,” Marvel says in the trailer, “but we also have the ability to limit the damage. So we can choose whether we’re screwed.”

Additionally, the streaming service also posted a 12-minute prologue for the series ahead of its August 20th arrival.


Cover/featured image: All rights to Rolling Stone and Gimlet’s How to Save a Planet