By Barry Kuhn,

Mr. Mayor, Ms. Vice-Mayor, Members of Council, and those running for a City Council seat this November.

After watching this week’s City Council meeting, I think that it’s time that everyone moves back to the business of running this City. The personal attacks and lack of respect shown by both sides of the podium need to end.

Please stop creating news that portrays Loveland in a bad light.

I’m asking everyone to please stop.

Please stop creating news that portrays Loveland in a bad light.Please stop creating news that portrays Loveland in a bad light. Please stop the political infighting. Please stop the personal attacks on each other. Please stop tearing this city in half. Stop all of this so that this city can begin to heal, and get back to promoting the community that we are.

Anthony D’Angelo wrote “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”. I think that’s a deep statement. Loveland is a community that cares. We saw that with the overwhelming response to aid the victims of the fire in the historic district. We see that in the individuals that show up at the City Council meetings to express their concerns. I have no doubt in my mind that each one of you cares about this City. I think that what Mr. D’Angelo was saying here, that unless everyone cares about each other, we have no community.

Based on what I’ve seen over the past several months, I think what we need to do is start caring more about each other as individuals, and start the healing process for our City. With what’s sure to be an interesting campaign season, let’s all agree that it’s ok to disagree with someone’s political views on the issues, however we must realize that everyone deserves to be treated with a sense of caring and respect. Candidates should use social media as a tool to get their agenda and viewpoints out, but not use it to attack any individual. Social media should not be used as a forum for debate, or personal attacks. It is becoming a tool to incite, and that isn’t what Loveland is about. Can we get back to posting a picture of what we had for dinner, vacation pictures and other highlights of our life?

We must realize that everyone deserves to be treated with a sense of caring and respect.

One of the questions that I was frequently asked when I was trying to decide whether to run for council, was if I wanted to open myself up to the current toxic political atmosphere. Did I want to have people start verbally attacking me? Did I want to have to constantly defend myself when seeing any misinformation or rumors? It’s a shame that we have gotten to that point. Individuals should not be discouraged from running for political office because they have concerns, real or perceived, about being personally attacked on social media. Anyone with a desire to serve this City on Council should be treated with respect.

This election should be about the issues, and the future direction of Loveland. Let’s show other communities that Loveland can come together and start moving forward in a positive direction. I’m asking that all the candidates running this fall to take a step back. Please think before you post. Will your comments help this city to heal, or continue to tear it apart? Would you want your friends and family to see that attack if the sides were flipped? “Do unto others as you’d do unto yourself” is still a good motto to go by.

It’s ok to have a difference of opinion. That’s what makes America and City Government great. Let’s leave that for the campaign trail and debate. This current political environment needs to end, and the healing process must begin, for the future of our community.

Barry Kuhn is a resident of Loveland,

is on the City’s Finance Committee,

and is supporting a Charter change allowing

the direct election of Mayor and council term limits.

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