Self-described “Dog Lover” Mahi Sheth lives in Loveland with her little brother Vraj, and her loving parents. Mahi is a writer for Loveland Magazine.

by Mahi Sheth

Loveland, Ohio – We are pleased to present Loveland Magazine’s Pet of the Month for May! The community of Loveland provided us with some lovely Pet of the Month photos and we are beyond thrilled to celebrate these local pets with YOU the readers!

Presenting Oslo, a cute 1-year-old White-Winter Dwarf Hamster, who has a home with the Eli Burr and his family in Loveland Ohio!

Oslo has just turned a year and six weeks old on December 18th, 2021. Eli had gotten Oslo for a birthday present last year. “I had asked for a hamster and received all of my presents, and then my dad brought me over Oslo in his cage. This was the best present I have ever received” Eli responds.

Oslo loves to play in his wheel at night and keep Eli up as well. Though, Eli says he doesn’t mind as it keeps Oslo happy.

Oslo “also has a ball I can put him in, so he can explore our house. I hold him and let him play on the couch at times too.” Oslo has been here and there around Loveland, but in the safety of his home. Oslo has tons of places to play and burrow.

Congratulations to Eli Burr, and Oslo for being selected to represent Loveland Magazine’s Pet of the Month for May! Eli and Oslo will be rewarded with a Nothing Bundt Cakes Bundtlet Tower, a gift card to The Works Pizza, a gift certificate to Tara’s Pet Boutique and Doggy Daycare, and an 8X10 frameable photo keepsake! Oslo will not only be featured in our publication but will also be included in our weekly newsletter for the month of May and our social media pages.

We would like to thank everyone who sent in photos of their pets as it was an absolute joy to see the many beautiful animals there are in our community! For those who sent in photos but weren’t selected this time around, don’t worry, as your entries will be entered back into the competition for the following month’s selection! For those that missed the deadline for May’s Pet of the Month, we will be taking entries from May’s 5th-25th for June’s Pet of the Month. Don’t be afraid to dress up your pets in their coolest Hot Summer Day gear !

Check out the video below created by David Miller that features some of our favorite Pet of the Month entries!

To enter into Loveland’s Pet of the Month contest you must email me, Mahi Sheth, at [email protected] 3-5 of your favorite photos of your pet along with a short bio about your pet. Share with us and the community why your pet is so special to you along with any other unique facts that set your little buddy apart from other pets! When sending in your pet photos and bios please include your pet’s name, age, and breed as well as your contact info with a short description of each photo you provide us with. If you want to share where your pet’s favorite spots are in Loveland that would be great as well! Remember we DO NOT discriminate against any pets; all pets are welcome to enter into the contest!

Join us in celebrating Oslo for the month of May!

We can’t wait to see whose pet will be featured in June for Loveland Magazine’s Pet of the Month Edition!

Here at Loveland Magazine, we would like to send a personal shout-out to The Works PizzaTara’s Pet Boutique and Doggy Daycare, and Nothing Bundt Cakes Mason (nearby in Deerfield Township) for providing wonderful gifts to our winners!

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“Best Short Story” award winner Mahi Sheth knows a thing or two about writing! Mahi is a creative writer who is a part of her high school newspaper, The Roar. The way words come together to form a story is Mahi’s favorite part of journalism. In Mahi’s downtime, she also loves both reading and dancing. Mahi is a Sophomore at Loveland High School.

Mahi Sheth

Writer for the Loveland Magazine

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