by Dr. Gregg Tracy

I have yet to meet the person who wants to pay more taxes. A major issue with most taxes is that when we pay them we frequently do not know how they’re going to be spent. That is not the case with school levies and bond issues that by law must be spent for the purposes as stated. Therefore, the tax initiative headed to the ballot in the Loveland City School District must also follow those rules. Thus, we know how the money will be spent and that it will be used to benefit the current and future students of the Loveland City School district. Investments into our schools are laden with value since they have a direct, positive impact on the future of our students, families, community, and society.

What we cannot forget is that support for our schools will also contribute to the success of our growing, vibrant, and prosperous community. Financial support is not only an investment in our children’s future and a flourishing community, but great schools serve to increase the value of our properties as well. An investment in our schools is certainly an investment in the future of our nation.

As a Loveland citizen, property owner, and Loveland High School graduate, I look to our school leadership team to put together a tax package that is the most economical, reasonable, and feasible but does not compromise excellence in providing for our students’ and community’s future.

Join me in voting “yes” to fund the current and future operation and building needs of the Loveland City School District.

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