Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

While I once again find myself battling the darkest, bleakest of emotions, I knew this was too important not to email you tonight.

Here we are again. Another shooting. More lives, lives filled with light and promise, lost: College students, just working hard to achieve the American Dream, but instead finding themselves in their worst nightmares.

Our thoughts and prayers are not enough. As President Obama said tonight, “It does nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in America.”

It’s time we reject the notion that we can’t do anything to prevent gun violence.

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We have to pay attention to signs that someone has the potential to inflict harm on themselves or others. We have to intervene, Say Something, do something.

If we don’t, we’ll find ourselves right back here in a matter of weeks or months. I know you don’t want to receive another email like this from me, and I sure don’t want to have to write another one. Please, do something.

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Tonight the President said we’ve become numb to these horrific shootings.

Maybe some people are numb, but I’m not. You’re not. Those of us who refuse to be numb, who believe we can be a country that refuses to accept terrible tragedy after terrible tragedy, must join together. We must demand change. And we can’t give up until we get it.

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Blanket Facebook and forward this email to your friends. Show the world we’re not willing to live with the “routine,” as the President called it, of mass killings. We will turn tragedy into a moment of transformation for our country.

Our hearts are again broken, but our spirits are more determined than ever to create a safer world for all our children.

With love,

Nicole Hockley (Dylan’s mom)



If you are feeling helpless tonight and do not know how to move forward in preventing gun violence in our communities, schools, movie theaters, and in our homes…

Watch this message from Nicole. She says that we ALL can make a difference.




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