PAm-Photoby Pamela Gross

Loveland City Council Member

It has been almost two years since I was elected to Loveland City Council and it has been a privilege to represent this wonderful community. As an accountant I understand budgets and financial statements and having built my own business, based here in Loveland, I understand the challenges that small business owners face every day. My approach to my council responsibilities is the same as my approach to my business dealings – listen well, communicate clearly and build a team. Several of my council colleagues including Mayor Linda Cox, Vice-Mayor Mark Fitzgerald, and Angie Settell, have joined me to bring a new perspective and innovative thinking to city council.

Our job as elected officials is to make sure that we make prudent financial decisions on behalf of the city and its residents. I believe that our team has accomplished this by reviewing city assets, assessing city paxtons-genericsystems and procedures and implementing creative solutions to difficult issues. It has been our goal to move our city forward and maintain current and future financial viability without using the typical entrenched mentality of asking residents to pay more in taxes and fees.

  • Loveland Station – Our community is enhanced with this development. The seven new businesses located at Loveland Station fit well with the uniqueness and spirit of our community.
  • The Trails at East Loveland is a senior housing community that allows lifelong residents to remain in Loveland and sustain their quality of life.
  • We have created a respectful, cooperative and communicative approach to city matters. This is one of the reasons The Amazing Race returned home to Loveland.
  • Leadership changes – We have a new Mayor, new City Manager and we have new faces on various city committees.
  • We created a Public Relations and Communications Committee to address the need for better communication between the city and residents. Citizens can now receive weekly updates about the city by signing up for the Straight From The Heart e-newsletter at
  • The budget has two sides, revenue and expenses. Although we are fiscally responsible on the expense side, our team also focuses on generating new revenues. This innovative approach has resulted in the additional collection of almost $100,000. All of this is being done without asking taxpayers to pay more in income taxes or eliminating the municipal tax credit.
  • Invested in Infrastructure –the 2015 budget contained the highest investment in our roads in 10 years.
  • New traffic lights downtown that have a radar detection system to sync the traffic lights. This will help alleviate traffic downtown particularly on the Warren and Clermont County side of Loveland.
  • A new parking lot will be constructed on the McCoy property. There are additional spaces for the public at Loveland Station as well bringing the total public parking spaces downtown to 643.

While our city is not without challenges, we have shown we understand the issues and are working on moving Loveland forward. True leadership is about vision. The current council team is comprised of a lifelong resident, an economic development professional, an accountant and a local business owner. They not only understand the immediate needs of the city but also want a future for Loveland that is sustainable excellence. I hope you will support Mark Fitzgerald and Angie Settell for reelection to Loveland City Council.




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