Columbus, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Aging inducted 15 older Ohioans, including Loveland, resident Pat Furterer into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame in a special ceremony in the Statehouse Atrium on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Pat Furterer’s image is engraved on the Valentine Lady Memorial in Historic Downtown Loveland on the Loveland Bike Trail. (Photo by David Miller ©2022)

This year’s inductees range in age from 66 to 101. The citizens were honored because, “Their stories are compelling and represent lifetimes of dedication, ingenuity, perseverance, kindness and compassion.”

“Today, we celebrate 15 amazing individuals whose passion and willingness to help people, quite frankly, stand out,” said Gov. Mike DeWine. “One thing they have in common: they represent the best kind of Ohioan – one who serves others, changes lives, and makes us all stronger. On behalf of all Ohioans, thank you to our 15 newest Hall of Fame inductees.”

“These amazing individuals challenge our society’s notion of what it means to age. Far too many people misguidedly think of our Senior Citizens as mere consumers, whose days of bringing value to the table are behind them. Not in Ohio,” Director McElroy said. “In Ohio, we understand that our Seniors are contributors. By utilizing their decades of experience and continuing to work as fierce advocates for their loved ones and their hometowns, the value they bring to us all is immeasurable.”

The Commission said about Furterer:

Pat Furterer (Photo provided by Ohio Department of Aging)

For four decades, Pat Furterer played pretty much every role there is to play within the Loveland Stage Company (LSC). 

Mrs. Furterer helped found the company in 1979. During the next 40 years, she volunteered for every one of its productions. At one time or another she directed, produced, acted, did publicity, ushered, sold tickets, worked the hospitality counter, designed programs, constructed and decorated sets, was house manager, was stage crew, handled props, and developed the patron program. As if that wasn’t enough, she also served on the board in every position. In 2013, the board elected her as President Emeritus.

Her love of theater began in 1942, when she was just 8 years of age. She gathered friends from her Pennsylvania neighborhood and staged many backyard productions. Even as a young girl, she gave back to the community, donating the proceeds from the 5-cent admission to the Community Chest Fund. 

In the years to come, Mrs. Furterer studied with several professional directors and helped to renovate an old movie theatre. Then in 1977, she and her husband relocated to Loveland, only to discover there was no community theater in town. Taking matters into her own hands, she placed an ad in the local paper, seeking individuals interested in starting a theater company. 

Starting small, she formed the nucleus of the LSC. The company’s first production was, fittingly, staged in her backyard. Since those humble beginnings, the company has become a cherished institution within the community. 

Since 2006, six shows had first-time directors, and 72 actors debuted in prominent roles. The company also offers seminars, workshops and mentoring programs for technical staff in sound, makeup, costumes, lighting, and production. 

Pat Furterer in 2017 at the annual introduction of the Loveland Valentine Ladies at the Loveland Kroger. (Loveland Magazine file photo)

In 1999, the Loveland Firefighters Association purchased the Crist Theater, an old movie house, and donated it to LSC as their home. Soon after, Mrs. Furterer started the LSC’s Children’s Workshop/Theatre. Since 2004, it has evolved into a successful children’s theater with more than 120 children participating annually. On Oct. 20, 2008, the LSC’s theater caught fire. The walls remained but the roof was gone.  Again, her experience with renovation came into play in rebuilding the theater. She worked tirelessly with countless volunteers to rebuild and reopen the theatre one year later with the production of “Miss Saigon.” 

Because of her belief in community involvement, the LSC stages free Christmas shows and participates in Loveland’s 4th of July parade. She is an active member of the Loveland Woman’s Club, is a Loveland Valentine Lady, and was director of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce.   

For her dedicated community involvement, Mrs. Furterer took home the prestigious Louis Rookwood Award and the Key to the City in 1994 and the Art Rouse Award in 2006. In 1999 The Loveland Chamber of Commerce started a scholarship award in her name for a student who exemplifies her character and spirit.

Pat was unable to attend the induction ceremony, but you can watch what was said about her in this video. (the 41:40 Mark) (You can watch the ceremony “Full Screen)


Read this story published in Loveland Magazine written by Ann Barfels in 2019…

Forty years and going strong, thanks founder, Pat Furterer

Other 2022 Inductees (Read about the oter inductees HERE)

Among them are doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers, veterans, public servants, philanthropists, historians, preservationists, musicians, actors, advocates, and more.

The Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame was established in 1977 to honor Ohioans age 60 and older for achievements and contributions to others, the roles they play in their communities, state and nation, and for what they do to promote productive and enjoyable lives. Their stories are compelling and represent lifetimes of dedication, ingenuity, perseverance, kindness, and compassion.

Rashid A. Abdu, M.D., F.A.C.S. – Canfield, Ohio

John A. Anderson – Cincinnati, Ohio

Martha H. Boice – Centerville, Ohio

Ken Culver – Lancaster, Ohio

Greer Glazer, RN, PhD, FAAN – Solon, Ohio

Robert E. Grim – Sabina, Ohio

Jim Kerr – Lisbon, Ohio

Dr. John S. Mattox – Flushing, Ohio

Edward A. McKinney, PhD – Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Ruby T. Miller – Cincinnati, Ohio

Jerry Rampelt – Columbus, Ohio

Betty J. Wiechert – Zanesville, Ohio

Vaughn Wiester – Columbus, Ohio

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