The former Patio restaurant next to Kroger at 700 Loveland-Madeira Road was demolished this week. The owner, David Realty Group, will construct a 6,350 sq ft mixed use building with a 400 sq ft patio and a drive-thru. This was also a former Gold Star Chili.



The only announced tenant is Tender Towne selling chicken tenders, chicken wraps, chicken salad sandwiches, coleslaw, garlic toast, and fries. It is anticipated most customers will use a drive-thru, however there will be 5-6 outdoor tables. The site will have 1,000 more sq ft of landscaping than the Patio Sports Bar, however the existing trees may be replaced. Another possible tennant will be frozen yogurt.

There is one other Tender Towne in the greater Cincinnati area, at 603 Ohio Pike (Beechmont Ave.) near the I-275 interchange. Jett Pizza is another prospective tenant according to the applicants who received plan approval from the planning commission last August.







  1. Don’t knock Tender Towne before you have tried it. I have been to the one on Beechmont Ave. and it is good real chicken (similar to Chic-Fil-A), not over processed crap they sell at the typical “Chain” restaurants you may be thinking of.

  2. I just hope the putrid smell of reused cooking grease that permeated The Patio will be whisked away by the wind before the new building is erected.

    Loveland needs a unique 1950s-style chrome diner for its high schoolers to hang out at after school, not some soulless cookie cutter franchise that could be found in any suburb in America. Nothing unique brought to the equation by these dime-a-dozen chains.

  3. Im all for anything new that will beautify that area! Especially good landscaping – Loveland should make wide well kept bike paths too – all thru the town areas – to the schools, parks, canoeing, library and food/bar/candy store areas – make it like a park town!

  4. Great business plan! Let’s build a NEW restaurant that sells chicken nuggets next to an established restaurant that sells chicken nuggets. What could possibly go wrong?

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