A rendering of the final layout of Ramsey’s Trailside

by Sam Smith

Loveland, Ohio – On July 20th, Paxton’s Grill, one of Loveland’s most popular restaurants, announced the name of their new soon-to-open sister restaurant: Ramsey’s Trailside. Located on the bike trail in historic downtown Loveland, Ramsey’s Trailside will focus on lighter-fare, diverse dining with outside and rooftop seating.

Ramsey’s trailside hopes to bring a healthier menu to Loveland that neighboring restaurants do not offer. While the menu is not yet finalized, it is expected to be light, grain-heavy and offer extensive vegan options along with a variety of meat-based dishes. The kitchen will feature a separate vegan grill to avoid contamination. The menu is expected to be diverse, with options for a wide range of palettes.

“I think it brings a fresh, clean option from a dining experience and a place that the menu is going to be varied enough that the carnivore and vegetarian can coexist,” Kevin Egan, a partner at Paxtons and Ramsey’s Trailside, told Loveland Magazine in a video interview.

Ramsey’s Trailside will be located near Nisbet park along the Loveland Bike Trail. It will feature shaded outside dining and something new to downtown Loveland: rooftop dining. A porch will allow patrons to view the trail and city from a unique vantage point.

Soon-to-be Ramsey’s Trailside Restuarant on the Loveland bike trail

The new restaurant’s name, like Paxton’s Grill, comes from local history. William Ramsey, the son-in-law of Lt. Colonel Thomas Paxton, purchased the 189 acres that were later named Loveland. Their namesakes can be found around the city, and the new restaurant will continue William Ramsey’s legacy.

Ramsey’s Trailside will be located on the block that partially burnt down on Memorial Day in 2017. Neighboring buildings were entirely engulfed in flames and largely destroyed. It took six hours for the fire to be extinguished. Nobody was injured in the fire, and the damage to Paxton’s property was relatively minimal.

Ramsey’s Trailside (left) and Tano’s (right) continue construction after the devastating fire over a year ago.

At the time, Paxton’s short-lived diner, Bike Trail Junction, closed due to water and smoke damage but will reopen as Ramsey’s Trailside. Bike Trail Junction was planned to be a temporary restaurant until Ramsey’s Trailside was ready to open.

“We knew at some point we were going to have to do an extensive remodel to put in a real kitchen but we didn’t want to be closed down during that summer so we opened Bike Trail Junction to get us through the summer and fall seasons,” Egan explained.

A Loveland Strong poster, covered in signatures from residents, leans against the wall of Ramsey’s Trailside. Loveland Strong was a community effort to support business owners and individuals affected by the Memorial Day weekend fire.

Ramsey’s Trailside has already secured some management and will begin hiring individuals soon. Those interested in working at the new restaurant can speak to managers at Paxton’s. (513) 583-1717

Ramsey’s Trailside is expected to open in mid-September. The address is 200 West Loveland Avenue.

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