Loveland, Ohio – Homana Nebel an Administrative Associate with the Hamilton County Board of Elections has told Loveland Magazine that current Loveland City School Board member Michele Pettit’s nominating petitions to run for another four years on the Board has been rejected.

Candidates for the Loveland School Board (provided by Hamilton County BOE)

Nebel said that there was a problem with the petition/s she filed with signatures of Clermont County voters. Candidates need a total of 75 total valid signatures of District registered voters and Petitt ended up with only 55.

Petitt has been notified and can appeal the rejection to the Board of Elections and be granted a hearing but as of 3 PM today they have not heard from her. Another option according to Nebel is for Petitt to file to be a write-in candidate and she has until August 23 by 4 PM to pay a fee and file the needed paperwork with her declaration of intent.

Loveland Magazine has reached out to Petitt asking if she will pursue these two options.

Petitt’s current term is set to expire on December 31. The election is on November 2.