Taken mostly at Miami Meadows Park

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These photos were taken Saturday February 21 after a nice snow fall and the temperature heading up after a week of a pretty good cold spell and school having been canceled for the entire week.

Seems like children and especially moms and dads were grateful for a chance and excuse to get out of the house to play.

A photographers log:

I will tell you, it was just so enjoyable in that park seeing so many having so much fun, children being treated good… and just such joy.

It was just in many ways, pockets of family and friends in their own circles… just being their better, honest, exuberant, selves… with no regard for anything except the fun they were having with one another.

Snow like that is an un-inhibitor

It was quite the unique experience given the state of so much despair, sadness, fear, and exhaustion I see so much of in the photos I have taken for the last ten years.

It was like the world was meant to be… of course not 100% of the time… but certainly more.

David Miller




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