“Everyone in our community should have a safe and healthy place to live, especially in times of crisis.”

As our community adjusts to the new normal amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, People Working Cooperatively understands that the vulnerable populations we serve daily are scared and anxious about the new health and financial hardships they are facing. At this unprecedented time of crisis, their work of providing critical and emergency home repairs is needed more than ever to ensure the safety and health of our low-income neighbors including families with young children, seniors, people with disabilities, and other at-risk populations. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), community preparedness for COVID-19 should include older adults and people with disabilities and the organizations that support them, to ensure their needs are met.

The need for PWC’s emergency services will continue to grow as conditions expand and worsen. Those living on the margins will face unemployment, elderly are being asked to self-quarantine and children will remain home for weeks as schools remain closed across the region. Due to these new circumstances, they are constantly being exposed to unhealthy and unsanitary living conditions such as no heat or water, no working toilet, dangerous electrical issues, leaking roofs and the inability to get in or out of their home safely. These emergency issues need to be addressed immediately to not only keep our neighbors healthy and safe, but also to prevent additional stress on our already overwhelmed healthcare providers and hospitals.

PWC is monitoring the spread of COVID-19, taking precautions to protect our high-risk neighbors and preparing for increased demand and new ways of delivering their services. At this time they have postponed volunteer projects and suspended other non-emergency services, and are focusing on level 1 emergency repairs, or emergencies which pose an immediate threat to the client’s well-being including:

  • Broken water lines where water is pouring, not dripping, out of the line
  • Client’s only accessible commode is blocked or otherwise unusable
  • No water
  • Gas fumes present
  • No heat
  • First-floor doors or windows cannot be closed and/or secured
  • Existing air conditioning is not working and a resident’s health issues could be complicated during a heat emergency
  • An electrical condition that poses a fire threat
  • Accessibility modification to allow a client to return home
  • Main drain/sewage backup

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