These comments were posted to Loveland Magazine’s post on Facebook about the¬†Patio Sports Bar being demolished to make way for new retail next to the Loveland Kroger.

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Patio Sports Bar flattened to make way for Tender Towne

Patio Sports Bar flattened to make way for Tender Towne
The former Patio restaurant next to Kroger at 700 Loveland-Madeira Road was demolished this week. The owner, David Realty Group, will construct a 6,350 sq ft…
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  • Lori Goldschmidt Sence¬†We have enough fast food- such a bummer!
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  • Marjorie Spring Phillips¬†Oh Yea! Another chain restaurant of poor quality. I agree Lori, this area desperately needs someone who has more imagination and wants to attract businesses that will raise the bar.
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  • Brandi Jo¬†Whats that. And there is not enough room lol
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  • Becki Bennington¬†Really?????
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  • Katie Quay Rechenberg¬†Gross!!!
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    • Tim Ramsey¬†What is gross about 3 businesses opening up?
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    • Katie Quay Rechenberg¬†Nothing about business, gross was in reference to Tender Towne. I’m not a fan of chain restaurants, especially fast food.
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  • Angelique Phipps¬†How bout a community center for Loveland that would be fantastic
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  • Karen Wilkinson Irwin¬†Better to have a business there than an empty lot,we don’t need another pizza place we have angilos,larosas,Marcos,pizza hut,and grandmas.looking forward to something else to choose from.
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  • Mark Gibson¬†Tender Towne is delicious and this is only the second location they have.
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  • Brian Rechenberg¬†Katie Quay Rechenberg
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  • Lindsay Wagoner¬†Natalie Wagoner
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  1. I think it’s Great ! There Chicken is Wonderful .Outstanding place to bring to the City of Loveland.We can’t wait.

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