Ricky Mulvey is a stand-up comedian, radio producer, and a mid-range threat in any pick-up basketball game. Mulvey loves talking about saving money on tickets, business news, and how e-commerce changed inflation as we know it. He graduated with a finance degree from THE Ohio State University in 2018.


David English is a Kentucky Wildcat, soccer fanatic, and a credentialed financial professional. He loves spending time with his wife, Amy, and tweeting at people who will probably not interact with him back.

Loveland Magazine’s favorite Podcasters are back with a special Quarantine Episode.

Our favorite ones on the Internet of Radio because Ricky Mulvey worked at Loveland Magazine for five years and David English – well, just because we like him. David has been to the Loveland Magazine TV studio for an interview with Cassie Mattia, and we like David… well… because he sometimes gives our friend Ricky a hard time!

Business news, but better

Business news is boring. Let’s make it interesting, fun, and understandable. Ricky Mulvey and David English cut through the headlines and talk about how business news affects you.

Listen to “A Quarantine Episode”

Updates on remote work, CARES Act, recent unemployment claims, local business struggles, and MORE!

“Full of Cents” co-hosts Ricky Mulvey and David English interviewed by Cassie Mattia…