Ricky Mulvey interned at Loveland Magazine for 5-years while he was a student in the Loveland School District and now lives in Denver, Colorado. He recently emceed the meet the candidate night for Loveland Magazine last November.

It’s 2022. Weren’t we supposed to have flying drones delivering packages to our homes by now? Ricky Mulvey talks with Jacob Goldstein, host of the new Pushkin podcast “What’s Your Problem?”, about drone delivery, self-driving cars, and the future problems that entrepreneurs are trying to solve right now.

A Drone delivery company that actually works, because they are actually running a big drone delivery company that works right now. They’re actually “doing the thing,” says Goldstein.

Mulvey doesn’t forget his hometown and talks briefly about Loveland, Ohio in this podcast.

Mulvey asks the question about the behavior of people living in a place like Loveland, Ohio, and will we ever give up the “privilege” of just being able to hop in a car and go”. Will we get used to our packages being parachuted in from a drone over our front yard or place of business?

Mulvey’s segment starts at 14:30.

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