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by David Miller

Miami Township and Loveland, Ohio – “The members of the Grail Land Preservation Group in attendance were excited by the unanimous support of the Miami Township Trustees. The opportunity for open green space to be protected in perpetuity has been a desire for many group members,” said Loveland resident Sharon Scovanner.

The quest to get formal support from three government jurisdictions moved to step two last evening when the Miami Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously to give their stamp of approval. Andy Dickerinson with The Cardinal Land Conservancy, based in Miami Township, appeared at the township meeting to explain the proposal and answer any questions. His appearance was probably unnecessary as both Ken Tracy and  Mary Makley Wolff, as well as Township Administrator Jeff Wright spoke enthusiastically about the Grailville land remaining greenspace.

Loveland City Council voted their unanimous support in June. The next step is to seek the support of the Clermont County Commissioners. (Council endorses request by residents for Grailville grant application filing)

The Cardinal Land Conservancy and many Loveland and Miami Township residents are asking local governments to lend their support to a plan that could save 89 acres at Grailville as dedicated green space in perpetuity. Dickerson, on behalf of the Conservancy, is requesting votes of support for a grant application that would be submitted to the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, to purchase 89 acres of the Grail property.

This is the site where Drees Homes was denied the zoning change they requested in 2022 after local residents filled Planning and Zoning chambers to urge that the site be protected. The Kentucky home builder had requested the land become a Special Planning District which could have allowed 209 homes on the site. The same parcel is also where the Loveland City School District proposed building a campus until the funding they wanted was denied by voters in 2019. The site is bounded by O’Bannonville Road and State Route 48 (Oakland Road).

After the re-zoning Drees requested was denied, local Grail members and other local residents coalesced to find the solution. The Grailville Land Preservation Group worked together to stop the zoning change Drees wanted.

If the grant application is successful, the 89 acres of land would be deeded as dedicated green space in perpetuity. The proposed purchase by the conservancy would be adjacent to the 100-acre Clermont County Park District property, which was also acquired from the Grail using Clean Ohio funding.

Scovanner added, “It has always been our hope that the land will be preserved to respect not only the legacy of the Grail and their members past and present, but to also be a gift to future generations. We appreciate our partnership with Cardinal and look forward to garnering support from the Clermont County Commissioners as the next step in the process.”

In this LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video, Andy Dickerson explains the details of the grant and what he was asking the Miami Township Trustees to do.

For background: History of Grailville – The Grailville Archive

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