Why won’t you release the tally?

Loveland, Ohio – Hundreds of area residents have been calling Sen. Rob Portman’s office, filling out a contact form on his website, and leaving messages on his Facebook page expressing their views on the nomination of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary Of Education.

Loveland Magazine has contacted the Senator’s office eight times in the last five days requesting Portman’s office comment his his pending decision and asking for a tally of the contacts, both pro and con that he has received. We also wanted a comment on whether the reported $51,000 Portman has received from DeVos and associates for his election campaign will influence his vote.

Mr. Portman, we’ve actually heard your voice asking us to leave a message and that you will, “Get back to us as soon as possible.” Are you “screening your calls”? We haven’t heard back from you.

Why won’t you release the tally and answer other questions?



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