Loveland, Ohio – The photo above of the gridlock was taken on Wall Street near Kiwanis Park in the West Loveland Historic District on Friday afternoon. The traffic was equally backed up on West Loveland Avenue on the hill past the Loveland Dairy Whip, as far as the eye could see.

Sidewalk repair on the Col. Thomas Paxton Bridge on West Loveland Avenue continues and is expected to be finished no later than August 30 according to the latest information provided by City Hall.

On Sunday

West Loveland Avenue heading East is reduced to one lane as it approaches Historic Downtown and Karl Brown Way. Two dedicated turn lanes have been eliminated and three lanes East were reduced to one at the intersection.

The traffic flow is further strained by the Loveland Bike Trail crossing where any pedestrian or bicycle can stop the flow of traffic. Add to that, is the traffic stops as vehicles attempt a left turn onto Railroad Avenue.

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