Loveland, Ohio – Here is the most recent update on the search for the next Loveland City Schools Superintendent: 

Our search consultants, CFES, are in the process of assembling interested potential candidates for our next Superintendent. We have also continued to work through the details of upcoming steps with CFES as outlined below:

– CFES will provide anonymous, detailed information on a set of potential candidates meeting our Ideal Candidate Profile. They will not screen out anyone who has expressed interest in applying for our position and all individuals who are interested in being considered will be presented to the Community Advisory Group and the Board (again, anonymously) for evaluation. The Board will subsequently determine the list of Candidates for interview with advice from the Community Advisory Group.

– Next, The Community Advisory Group, and separately the Board, will conduct non-public individual interviews with each Candidate. From these interviews, the Board with Community Advisory Group input, will select 1-3 Finalists.

– The selected Finalists will be available for virtual public introductions and interactions. Community feedback will be collected and supplied to both the Community Advisory Group and the Board.

– Finally, the Board will determine (again with advice from the Community Advisory Group) a selected Candidate and proceed with job offer & contract negotiations. 

We intend to share progress on a regular basis and will look for ongoing broad community feedback through the Community Advisory Group and public sessions of the Board and the Finalists’ Virtual introductions session. Understandably, other elements of the process may be confidential and conducted in ‘Executive Sessions’ as appropriate.

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