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Loveland, Ohio – “Don’t be afraid to put yourself first sometimes and get the help you need if it’s needed,” mental health advocate, Elly Steinbrunner said when asked what encouraging message, she wanted to send to those struggling with their mental health.

On my latest episode of “Table of Discussions” I invited Gina Marek, creator of the Fave Five App, Tori Morrison, who started a non-profit called the Ben Morrison Memorial Fund, and Elly Steinbrunner, a former member of the Loveland Hope Squad to my table to talk about Mental Health Awareness Month.

During the episode, Gina and Tori talk about how losing their sons to suicide encouraged them to advocate and educate those in the community about mental health. In this Loveland Magazine TV interview, both Gina and Tori offers advice about suicide prevention, eliminating the stigma of depression, and mental illness. Since the conception of the Fave Five app and the Ben Morrison Memorial Fund, Gina and Tori have been able to provide a wealth of information for parents, caregivers, and peers.

Elly, who recently graduated from Loveland High School, shared her perspective on why mental health struggles are climbing so rapidly among her generation and how being a member of the Loveland High School Hope Squad allowed her to not only help so many young people, but also educate her peers about mental health.

Join me, Gina Marek, Tori Morrison, and Elly Steinbrunner as we talk about Mental Health Awareness on my latest episode of “Table of Discussions! Watch as these three impactful women offer life-saving tips to those families and youth struggling with the mental health crisis.

“It’s totally free, no-nonsense, and took less than three minutes to start adding my trusted friends who I would want to contact if I needed help. The people in my life who I would trust with my life,” Loveland Magazine Managing Editor David Miller said after downloading Gina Marek’s My Fave Five app to his iPhone.The Ben Morrison Fund

The Ben Morrison Memorial Fund is committed to providing scholarships to graduating seniors from Loveland High School. We are dedicated to erasing the stigma of mental health struggles, opening conversations, and offering lifelines to help save lives of young people in crisis.

The Ben Morrison Memorial Fund is at 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Fed id 86-2896878. 

Visit “The Ben Morrison Fund” on Facebook.

My Fave Five – the Mobile App

The MY FAVE FIVE Mobile App helps you identify, connect, and build relationships with trusted people in your life.

Get the APP TODAY to set up your personalized network of support or offer it to someone and be one of their FAVES – just one is a GIFT!

Visit “My Fave Five” on Facebook.

Loveland Hope Squad

The HOPE Squad program is a school-based peer support team that partners with local mental health agencies. Peers select students who are trustworthy and caring individuals to join the Hope Squad. Squad members are trained to watch for at-risk students, provide friendship, identify suicide-warning signs, and seek help from adults.

HOPE Squad members are NOT taught to act as counselors but are educated on recognizing suicide warning signs and how to properly and respectfully report concerns to an adult. Once invited to be a HOPE Squad member, students must get a permission form signed by their parents and go through training.


Hope Squads seek to reduce self-destructive behavior and youth suicide by training, building, and creating change in schools and communities.



  1. Hope Squads will train students and staff in schools to recognize suicide-warning signs and act upon those warnings to break the code of silence.

  2. Hope Squads will train students and staff to identify adolescents with undetected, untreated, or emerging mental disorders.


  1. Hope Squads will build positive relationships among peers and faculty in schools to facilitate acceptance for students seeking help.

  2. Hope Squads will build strong relationships with local mental health agencies and communities while educating students, parents, and school staff about available community mental health resources.


  1. Hope Squads will work to change the school culture regarding suicide by reducing stigmas about suicide and mental health.

  2. Hope Squads will work to change community perceptions of mental health by creating awareness about suicide and the tools available to prevent suicide.


Call or text the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline¬†(para ayuda en espa√Īol, llame al 988)


Sunday, August 6
1:30 PM @ Hickory Woods Golf Course
Lunch at the turn and dinner will be provided.
We look forward to seeing you again this year.

Please email [email protected]¬†for additional sponsorship opportunities or any questions you may have.

Loveland High School Hope Squad takes lead role in creating mural

[Photos] The theme was ‚ÄúTeal Out‚ÄĚ for My Fave Five, The Ben Morrison Fund, and Loveland High School‚Äôs Hope Squad

Columnist Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland and the Public Relations Coordinator at Butler County Board of DD. Cassie was awarded the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance 2021 Young Business Professional of the Year. She is the President and Publisher of Loveland Magazine.

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