Hannah Roberts Gwynne

by Hannah Roberts Gwynne

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland Magazine is interested in hearing from parents, students, and teachers to find out about their experience so far with attending or teaching in the Loveland City School District’s Remote Online Academy.

If you are a remote Online Academy teacher, student, or parent or guardian, please tell us about the experience after the first three weeks.

You can send us an email or your video or audio response to [email protected]. Please use the subject line “Remote Online Academy”.

Loveland Magazine will respect your desire to keep your response anonymous.

  • As a teacher, has the District supported your technology needs? Are they quick to fix your broken technology? Have they provided you with adequate hardware to teach effectively? Is the computer supplied by the district adequate?
  • As a parent/guardian or student, do you have adequate technology in your home, and is the district doing enough to meet your needs? Is the district responding well to help your child with connectivity problems?
  • Teachers, we would be interested to know how much you have spent of your personal money supplying your virtual classroom for a satisfactory learning experience for teaching. Have you purchased learning materials, microphones, webcams, monitors, etc? (Send us photos of your remote classroom)
  • How about class size?
  • Do your students or child with an IEP, ect., currently, have adequate support to be successful?
  • Teachers – Do all of your students have adequate support at home to succeed in a remote learning environment?
  • In what ways could the community help you as a teacher, parent/guardian, or student have a successful Remote Online Academy experience?