Terry Cole of Colemine Records and Plaid Room Records Photo by Mitch LaGrow

“It’s a massive discovery tool for our artists. I wish the pay was more for sure,” Cole says. “But 2023 was the first year where our digital revenue was higher than our physical revenue. And that’s saying something because we sell a shitload of records. We sold 154,000 records last year, LPs, CDs and 45s. And we still generated more revenue digitally.”

Terry Cole of Colemine and Plaid Room Records, located in Historic Loveland, is featured in CityBeat’s January 24 print edition. Here is the story by City Beat’s Katie Griffith their arts and culture reporter.

On the Record: How Cincinnati’s Ever-Changing Music Landscape is Shaped by Independent Record Labels


Katie Griffith

Katie Griffith is CityBeat’s arts and culture reporter. She proudly hails from the West Side of Cincinnati and studied journalism at the University of Cincinnati. After freelancing for CityBeat for many years, she is happy to continue sharing arts and culture news and stories in novel ways as a staff writer.

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