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A News Release from Clermont County

State and Federal Assistance Programs
We continue to work with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency to determine if the County qualifies for additional assistance programs. Availability of assistance programs varies based on FEMA criteria including severity, magnitude, and impact of the disaster.   The following factors are considered when evaluating a request for State and/or FEMA Assistance:

  • Concentration of damage
  • Trauma, large number of injuries and deaths, disruptions to community functions, and emergency needs
  • Special populations
  • Voluntary agency assistance
  • Insurance
  • Damaged residential structures

Assistance to Individuals, Families and Businesses
To be considered for State and FEMA financial assistance programs, the county must demonstrate that there are a minimum of 25 primary homes and/or businesses with 40% or more uninsured loss. Out of the 451 structures impacted, only 16 meet this criteria.  While the County may not be eligible for additional state and federal financial assistance programs, a Long Term Recovery Committee has been established to identify and address the unmet disaster related needs of impacted residents.

Assistance Process 
– Each individual, family, and business has unique disaster recovery needs.  All are encouraged to seek out resources in the following order:

1. Immediate needs providers, not limited to:

2. Insurance Company – contact your insurance provider to determine eligibility

3. Referral to Community and Volunteer services

  • Volunteer organizations have been assisting residents with woody debris clean up on private property
  • Local food pantries have provided food and other household items

4. Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC)  – A case management process is being established to verify disaster related needs.  This will ensure that the resources and donations are allocated to verifiable unmet needs within the local community.

We are asking for patience as we work to coordinate amongst all of the faith-based, not for profit, volunteer, government, and private sector partners that are supporting the long term recovery effort.  The overarching goal is to reduce duplication and maximize the limited resources to ensure the local communities recover from the July 6, 2022 storms.

Public Assistance (PA)
The Public Assistance program provides grants to local governments for debris removal, emergency protective measures, and the repair, replacement, or restoration of disaster damaged, publicly owned facilities. To be considered for a State PA program, the County and all of the local jurisdictions collectively will have to exceed $855,264 in eligible expenses.  To be considered for a FEMA PA program, the State collectively would have to exceed $19,233,100 in eligible expenses.  As these storms were localized to Clermont and Brown Counties, it is unlikely that the State will meet the threshold for a Federal PA program.

We are actively working with our County and local jurisdictions to collect all of the debris management and emergency response expenses as well as the anticipated cost to repair, replace, and restore publicly owned facilities that were damaged by the storms.

Assistance with woody debris clean-up:
We continue to connect volunteer organizations with homeowners who need assistance with woody debris.  It is anticipated that the volunteer organizations will continue supporting local residents for many weeks.   If you have already submitted your information for woody debris assistance, please be patient.   If you have not registered, please call 513.735.8500 or e-mail [email protected].  Please provide your name, phone number, and address.

We are asking residents not to place brush and woody debris in the right of way.    Residents have multiple options for managing the remaining woody debris:

Steps for restoring electrical service to a structure

  • Contact Clermont County Permit Central at 513.732.7213 concerning the need to have electrical services returned
  • Provide your name, address, and phone number.
  • Clermont County Permit Central will create a permit and begin the process towards returning your electrical service.
  • Once an electrician has the structure ready and repaired, mast, panel, etc. contact the Permit Central for an inspection and “Green Tag” placement.
  • The Building Inspections will complete the inspection, and if approved, will place a “Green Tag” on structure and will send a release to Duke Energy.
  • Contact Duke Energy Service Installation Line directly (877-700-3853) and request a “Reconnection from tornado”.
  • Duke Energy will energize the structure.

Food and household supplies are available at the following locations:
Goshen United Methodist Church (6710 Goshen Road)
Heartland Christian Church (1790 SR 28)
Williams Corner Church of God (6162 SR 132)
Newtonsville Food Pantry (794 Wright Street)

Other Food Pantries serving the county:
MercyWorks at Rivertree Church 5857 Highview Drive, Milford
Interparish Ministries: 1075 W. Ohio Pike (on K of C Drive), Amelia

Mental Health Support
The Crisis Hotline 513-528-SAVE (7283) is a free and confidential hotline available 24-hours/7 days a week that provides suicide prevention, crisis intervention and referral information to residents of Clermont County and Brown County of all ages.  Crisis workers can give guidance, support and referral information for emotional crisis, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence and addiction issues.    The Hotline is operated by Child Focus, funded by the Clermont and Brown County Mental Health and Recovery Boards and accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).   You can also use the National Crisis Text Line.  Text: 4HOPE to 741741.  The Crisis Text Line is independently owned and operated.

Consumer Protection Services
The Ohio Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division can assist residents with verifying that contractors are reputable.  The Phone number is 800.282.0515 or 614.466.4986

The Ohio Department of Insurance offers support to homeowner and renters who have questions on the insurance process.   They have a severe weather toolkit that may be useful to residents.   Anyone with insurance questions and complaints can reach Ohio Department of Insurance consumer services representatives through[email protected], and 1-800-686-1526.

Financial donations can make the largest impact following a disaster.   It allows disaster relief organizations the flexibility to buy the appropriate supplies to address the unique needs of the community.  Financial donations can be made to any reputable disaster relief organization that is operating in the area.

Connect Clermont has created a Disaster Relief Fund for Clermont County.    These funds will be used to support the long-term recovery effort.  100% of the proceeds will be directed to the impacted residents. Cash or check donations can be brought to any Park National Bank location.

Connect Clermont
c/o Disaster Relief Fund
2400 Clermont Center Drive, Suite 100,
Batavia, OH 45103.


Need Help?

Call: 513.735.8500
E-mail: [email protected]
Food Pantry List
Building Permit
Restoration of Food Assistance
Rental & Utility Assistance
Tree Service Companies
American Red Cross – 800.REDCROSS
Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC)

Want to support relief efforts?

Financial Donations

Information Sources 

Goshen Township
Miami Township 
Wayne Township
Goshen Local School District
Clermont County Disaster Declaration
State of Ohio Disaster Declaration

Disaster Relief Organizations Working in the Community

American Regulators
Goshen Community Church

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