State Senate Candidate Charlie Carlier Among Featured Speakers

By Tom Calarco

The Democrats are coming to Loveland on June 11, at the community center room in The Trails at East Loveland from 4-to-6 PM.  Featured speaker will be Charlie Carlier, candidate for state senate in the November election.

Charlie Carlier, candidate for Ohio senate is coming to Loveland on June 11.

“It’s part of a coordinated campaign effort,” said Clermont County Democratic Party chair, Ray Lembke.

This season’s campaign will feature a collective effort to elect Democrats to office, from the President on down, Lembke explained.

Clermont County currently has no Democrats in higher public office from the state representative on up.  This election year, the county democrats are offering an attractive slate of candidates that includes former Ohio governor, Ted Strickland, for U.S. Senate; newcomer Jared Weber, for state representative, and Carlier for state senate.

“I am dedicated to fighting for better education standards, and building a strong and vibrant economy that benefits everyone not just the few,” Carlier said.

A retired locomotive engineer and past union president of Local 901, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Carlier has been involved in the county democratic party for nearly 40 years.  Most recently, he has been a leader of a county taskforce to combat the growing heroin epidemic.

“Over the past decade opiate addiction has grown exponentially across the country,” he said “It has destroyed thousands of lives all across southern Ohio.”

Not only have state Republicans cut funding to assist opiate addicts in Ohio, Carlier charges, but he also castigates current state senator and opponent, Joe Uecker, for doing absolutely nothing about it. Carlier promises not only to help those with drug problems, but to work for students in helping to reduce student debt, which has been increased by Republican cuts to state universities and community colleges.

Other key party leaders who may attend and offer remarks include Ohio Democratic Party chair, David Pepper; Ohio Senate Minority Leader, Joe Schiavoni; and Jared Weber, Clermont County candidate for state representative.

“I feel that our district is in dire need of new leadership in Columbus, leadership that understands what every day Americans are going through,” Carlier said.

Also on the agenda will be a discussion related to the formation of a Democratic Party club in Loveland.  Currently, the entire city council of Loveland is composed of Republicans.  A democratic society is always strengthened by a diversity of voices, and Democrats feel this is sorely needed in Loveland.

All are welcome.  Refreshments will be offered.

The event will take place from 4-to-6 pm at The Trails at East Loveland, 101 S. Third Street in downtown Loveland.

For more information, concerning parking and other matters, call Tom Calarco at 518-573-7163, or contact him at [email protected]


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