The Maegly Music Scholarship Winners are Mr. David Guzior and Mr. James (Matt) Truesdell



David Guzior, Bruce Maegly, and James (Matt) Truesdell


Loveland, Ohio – “It meant the world to me. It was a big shock that it was going to me. I was just astounded that I had the honor of getting this award,” said David Guzior talking about the announcement that he would receive the first award made by the Maegly Music Scholarship committee. David, a sophomore at Loveland High School (LHS), was awarded the scholarship on December 4 at the Band/Jazz Concert. He is a member of the Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Orchestra, and Encore, the Loveland Show Choir Band.

The Loveland Music Boosters established the Maegly Music Scholarship Award to honor Mr. Bruce Maegly and: “Recognize his thirty-five year contribution to developing the musical talents and enthusiasm of generations of Loveland students.”

The intent of the scholarship is to foster musical development of current students in grades 9-12. “Just like Mr. Maegly did while teaching, we will be awarding funds to offset skill building expenses,” said Booster president, Traci Scarpa.

Matt Truesdell a junior at LHS, was presented the scholarship on January 10 at the Show Choir Preview. He is a member of the Loveland Show Choir “By Request” and is also taking an in-school guitar class to broaden his musical skills.

Maegly-quoteMatt was also one of Maegly’s student in the Middle School Stage Band and he said he pushed him to do all types of music which led him to become part of the show choir and playing guitar. Matt said, “He laid the basis for my education in the musical field.” Matt will use the award money for a show choir camp this summer.

David, who received the first award, money to buy a new baritone saxophone mouth piece, agreed it was a “big deal” to receive his award. It’s used to advance your musical adventure, which could be continuing music lessons, educational trips

David was also in Maegly’s Middle School Stage Band. He said of Maegly, “He has meant the world to me and was actually the one that kept me into music.” Maegly gave David a chance by asking him if I waned to play the ‘bari sax’. “I said, ‘Of course’ and I absolutely fell in love right away. He just made me keep loving the music ever since, and kept pushing me and making me do greater things, so he means a lot to me.”

Matt said it was almost bittersweet to know that Mr. Maegly is no longer teaching because he wants more and more students that have a love for music or don’t even know they have a love for music to have that same type of connection that he had with Mr. Maegly. “Well, I was greatly honored when the Boosters surprised me with this last spring and I’m really excited about the good it’s going to do for a lot of students and their musical endeavors,” Matt said.

Maegly said that now that he has retired he has opened “A little business on the side where I repair and service – primarily brass musical instruments.” He is also restoring a lot of old tools in a new shop in his garage and just enjoying life. “I am reading a lot of books and enjoying Facebook, connecting with a lot of people from my past that I haven’t spoken to in years. It’s great. I am hearing from former students that now live in California that I haven’t been in contact with in a long, long time,” Maegly said.

The Stage Band started the first year Maegly taught in Loveland when he was approached by then, principal, Jack Wood about playing for a basketball tournament they were hosting at the old middle school. “So, I put up a sign on the bulletin board inviting people to come in,” Maegly said. They started by learning three pieces of music for the tournament and played three pieces over and over all day long. “The night of our performance someone came up and said, ‘Hey. What’s this group called.” Maegly’s answer was, “Uh… I don’t know…. Uh… The Stage Band.” He explained it was because that is where they were playing, “On a stage. And, that’s how it started thirty-five years ago and it’s still going on.” About twelve years later, former Loveland High School principal, Tom Hausterman invited Maegly to start what would become the Jazz Band. Two years later there were two jazz bands at the high school.

In 2012, Maegly was honored by the Hamilton County Education Foundation as a Teacher of the Year. At the time of the award, Loveland Middle School Principal, Chris Burke said, “Very few teachers have the ability to impact as many lives as Bruce Maegly does on a regular basis. Bruce leads hundreds of students on a daily basis to grow and achieve success. Teaching multiple periods of large group bands, in two different buildings, Mr. Maegly has the ability to reach more students on a daily basis than just about anyone in our district. When you add the fact that he expertly and skillfully engages these groups every day it not only makes him deserving of this reward, but invaluable to Loveland.

Scarpa said her own children had Maegly for a teacher and she said he instilled a love of music in her kids that continues throughout their lives.”

“This endowed scholarship begins, and the legacy of Mr. Bruce Maegly continues, with these first two winners. The Boosters wish David and Matt every success as they continue to develop their musical skills and look forward to seeing the results of their hard work in the coming years. Congratulations, David and Matt,” said Scarpa.




Watch this LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV VIDEO that was shot last Spring in the waning days of Maegly’s career – as Maegly and the Stage Band entertain the youngsters at the Loveland Early Childhood Center. Watch as the youngsters sing their thanks to the master.



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