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Dear Loveland Magazine Readers,

Our country has never seen anything like this, Loveland. Led by civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, House champions staged an historic 24-hour sit-in on the House floor demanding Congress take action to stop the daily carnage caused by gun violence in America.

But instead of agreeing to a vote, House leadership closed up shop and went on vacation. Their response to the Orlando shooting was silence. And when confronted with this historic sit-in, their response was to go home. House leadership even cut the cameras inside the chamber — attempting to hide the sit-in from the American public — and labeled it a political “stunt.”

Supporters like you spoke out in overwhelming numbers. House leadership might have shut down the floor, but we shut down their switchboard with over 175,000 calls and more than 200 people camping overnight on Capitol Hill in solidarity.

The sit-in might be over, but our fight continues. We’ve never seen so clearly which of our elected officials are fighting for us, the American people — and which refuse to do their jobs and protect Americans. And never before have we so powerfully demonstrated our power, grit, and determination to end gun violence. This election, we’re going to use that power to hold NRA-backed politicians accountable — but we can only do that with your help.

Chip in $25 to help us elect gun sense champions this election and hold NRA-backed politicians accountable for their continued inaction.

Help elect gun sense champions this election

My only son, Jordan, was shot and killed at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida, during an argument over loud music. Yesterday, as I stood on the steps of Capitol Hill through the night, I thought about Jordan and all the victims and survivors of gun violence.

As a product of the Civil Rights Era and the daughter of a Civil Rights leader, I’ve always deeply believed in the power of nonviolent protest to move people and create change. Seeing Rep. John Lewis leading members of Congress in an act of civil disobedience is inspiring leadership of a whole new order, and what we need to affect real change in our country.

While House champions were sitting on the floor yesterday, House leadership closed their ears to the demands of millions of Americans who are sick and tired of their continual inaction. From now until election day, I’ll be fighting tirelessly to kick out NRA politicians who think sitting in for the 91 Americans killed and hundreds injured every day is a “stunt.”

Will you step up and chip in $25 or more to elect gun sense champions this election?

Thank you for speaking up,

Lucy McBath
Faith and Outreach Coordinator
Everytown for Gun Safety


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