They’ve even called in all of the ISPs’ paid shills to repeat lies about why Net Neutrality is bad



Sending local news from Loveland Magazine over the “Tubes” is not cheap. It already costs plenty to send our stories and videos to your computer, phone, or tablet. We are one of the little guys, and are one of the few truly local and locally owned news sources left – ANYWHERE. We were the first “only” on-line newspaper in Ohio to be accepted into the Ohio Newspaper Association. Equal access to the “Tubes” is vital to our survival. We cannot afford to compete with the likes of Comcast who want to shift us (and thereby, YOU) into the Internet slow lanes.

You, each one of you, is a little guy too. If you want to continue having equal access to the net, and locally owned and produced content like Loveland Magazine… please read on… and act accordingly.

Americans overwhelmingly support Net Neutrality — and it looks like the FCC is actually poised to pass meaningful rules in a few weeks, just like we’ve been asking them to do for months.  Our activism has been working.

But now certain members of Congress are trying to hijack the process by introducing legislation that would undercut us.
Our opponents in Congress are holding hearings on Net Neutrality TODAY, in an attempt to intimidate the FCC out of moving forward with strong rules.  They’re just doing Comcast’s dirty work.
They’ve even called in all of the ISPs’ paid shills to repeat lies about why Net Neutrality is bad.  But we know exactly why Comcast opposes us: Because they want to shift content into slow lanes so they can shake down websites for fees and make even deeper profits — while increasing costs for all of us.
We’ve come so far!  And if we keep it up, by spring we’ll have secured real Net Neutrality rules and protected the open Internet and all that we love about it.

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