Tips provided from the Clermont County Park District:

Reduce your environmental footprint this holiday season! Here are some easy ways to make your celebrations more sustainable:

  • Most wrapping paper that you buy at the store isn’t recyclable or compostable due to the coatings and dyes. Replace your wrapping paper with old newspaper, craft paper that you and your family can decorate yourselves, or reusable bags.
  • Replace burnt-out light strands with LED lights! Along with reducing your energy bill, they burn cooler, lessening the risk of burnt fingers.
  • Recycle your lights! You can find locations in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton areas by clicking on the Cohen website. Clermont Parks will host locations at Shor Park, Sycamore Parks and Chilo Visitor Center.
  • Shop local for gifts and meals. Farmer’s Markets and local craft shows move indoors in the winter, and are a great place to support local businesses.
  • Replacing any electronics? Recycle your old ones! Let the Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ) website guide you, making it easy to reuse materials and avoid adding to the landfill.
  • Recycle your tree! Drop your live tree to Pattison Park Lakeside from December 26 until January 9. Check the OEQ website linked above for more sites.

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