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Mihaela Manova

By: Mihaela Manova


 uring times that we are isolated in quarantine, we tend to focus our attention to the wrong news sources. While most of them give accurate information, we may fall into a trap of overthinking, fear, or both. To distract from the boredom of some and the panic that others may have, we have gathered the most positive news and news sources from the week.
Here are our top 3 finds to enjoy:

Good News Network

When searching for good news on the internet, this is one of the first that will make you smile. The Good News Network has been pushing out positive articles about everything, despite the current coronavirus circumstances.

Take for example, a new article confirming that TV medical dramas are donating their gowns, gloves, and masks to real hospitals. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 are sending their supplies to the nearest hospitals in an effort to help real doctors and nurses fight this pandemic.

To read more, here is the article in full: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/tv-medical-dramas-donate-supplies-to-hospitals-fighting-corvid19/

Grist 50

“Tired of hearing about all the world’s problems? You’ve come to the right place. The people you’ll soon meet are cooking up the boldest, most innovative solutions you haven’t yet heard of to fix the biggest challenges that face our globe. Tracking down these people — everyone from politicians to farmers to inventors to lawyers to artists — has given us new hope for the future. Now, we’re introducing them to you, to give you hope, too.” – Grist 50

Looking for a website that sheds light on forward thinking people, world-changing actions, and good news about the battle with climate change? Grist 50 is the source for inspiration through the lenses of 50 climate change advocates, who give us hope for the future in our world. 

To find out more: https://grist.org/grist-50/2019/


Want to read something heartwarming? Today.com’s Good News segment may be the right way to spend your social distancing time. From “Priest begins offering drive-thru confessions” to “Cheap thrift-store picture turns out to be Salvador Dali’s piece,” Today has articles that could elevate some of your stress. 

Here are our top 5 pics to make you smile:

  1. Texas couple donates flowers to assisted living homes after postponing wedding 

  2. Priest begins offering drive-thru confession amid coronavirus pandemicFather Scott Holmer, a Catholic priest at a parish in Maryland, has started hearing confessions through penitents' driver's-side windows in his church's parking lot.


3. Meet the veterinarian who gives free medical care to pets of the homeless

Dr. Kwane Stewart smiles with a dog.


4. This Hiking ferret had summited 11 of Colorado’s highest peaks


5. A $10 thrift store picture turned out to be rare Salvador Dali work worth $1,200



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